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Gameplay:Hazama BBCF

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Hazama is a character who specializes in close range assaults. His dash is only a step type, but his various D abilities more than make up for this loss of mobility. When at a distance, use various D attacks to control space. If the opponent is on the ground, use Standing D or Jumping → + D. If they're in the air, use → + D or jumping D. At times like this, don't just extend the chain to attack. For example, you can mix in pressing A immediately to draw back the chain and perform a feint.

When a D attack hits, press the assault with other D actions. You can perform jump attacks during D actions, so lay on some pressure with Jumping B or Jumping ↓ + C. If a D attack is guarded, a follow-up D action is much more easily countered. Mix up your actions, like using Jumping A or Shadow Serpent to land, or the B action to change timing.

Once close to the opponent, combo from normal attacks into Vengeful Viper, then use Falling Fang or Devouring Fang to shake up their guard. Falling Fang is a middle attack, and you can continue attacking even if guarded. It jumps over low hitting attacks while in motion, so it's effective if the opponent is trying to interrupt you with Crouching A attacks. Devouring Fang is a low attack, letting you pass under high hitting attacks while in motion. It's an effective choice when the opponent guards Falling Fang or tries to power through. Besides the choice of medium and low attacks like Falling Fang and Devouring Fang, you can also use throws like Bloody Fangs or The Serpents Unholy Wrath to keep up a powerful assault.

If the opponent attacks from the air, counter them with Crouching C. If they're rushing you, the high hitting Standing A is also an effective counter. When the opponent is near, it's safest to repel the opponent using a Counter Assault. Serpent's Infernal Rapture is a fast hitting Distortion Drive. It doesn't have invincibility time, but it can be connected into certain combos. However, the Overdrive version has invincibility time, making it even more useful.[1]

Command List

Name Command
Normal Input Alternative Input
UroborosuGerman: Ouroboros
French: Ouroboros
Spanish: Ouroboros
Italian: Ouroboros
Throws a chain out at different angles.
A + B + C + D
Glimmering Fang of the Basilisk
冥蛇月光牙Dark Serpent's Moonlight Fang (めいじゃげっこうが)
Meijya Gekkouga
During OD, A + B + C + D
Additional move from Ouroboros
A or B or C or D during Ouroboros
Venom Sword
蛇刃牙Serpent's Bladed Fang(ジャバキ)
JyabakiGerman: Giftschwert
French: Épée venimeuse
Spanish: Espada venenosa
Italian: Spada velenosa
↓↘→ + D ↓ + SP
Unleash a dark aura in front of the character.
Vengeful Viper
蛇骸Serpent's Husk(じゃがい)
↓↙← + B SP
Serpent's Benediction
蛇刹Serpent Temple(ジャセツ)
JyasetsuGerman: Schlangensegen
French: Bénédiction du serpent
Spanish: Bendeción de la Serpiente
Italian: Benedizione del serpente
↓↙← + D or after the Vengeful Viper
Position the character to unleash a variety of attacks.
→ Falling Fang
裂閃牙Cleaving Flash Fang(レッセンガ)
RessengaGerman: → Fallzahn
French: → Croc tombant
Spanish: → Colmillo descendente
Italian: → Zanne calanti
A after Serpent's Benediction
A lunging attack. Cannot be blocked crouching.
→ Rising Fang
牙昇脚Ascending Leg Fang(ガショウキャク)
GashōkyakuGerman: → Steilzahn
French: → Croc levé
Spanish: → Colmillo ascendente
Italian: → Zanne crescenti
B after Serpent's Benediction
An anti-air kick.
→ Devouring Fang
残影牙Lingering Shadow Fang(ザンエイガ)
ZaneigaGerman: → Reißzahn
French: → Croc dévorant
Spanish: → Colmillo devorador
Italian: → Zanne divoranti
C after Serpent's Benediction
A low swiping attack with knives
→ Serpent's Haste
構え中断Stance Interruption
Kamae ChūdanGerman: → Schlangenhast
French: → Hâte du serpent
Spanish: → Precipitación de la serpiente
Italian: → Serpente fulmineo
D after Serpent's Benediction
Rests the character's stance
→ Serpent's Redemption
蛇滑Serpent's Slide(じゃかつ)
→→ or ←← during Serpent's Benediction
Hungry Coils
JyakōGerman: Hungrige Spiralen
French: Anneaux affamés
Spanish: Espirales hambrientes
Italian: Spire fameliche
→↓↘ + D
Throws Ouroboros at a 45 degree angle.
Shadow Serpent
蛇冥迅Serpent's Dark Swiftness(じゃめいじん)
↓↙← + B in midair SP in midair
Bloody Fangs
牙砕衝Fang Collision(ガサイショウ)
GasaishōGerman: Blutige Zähne
French: Crocs sanglants
Spanish: Colmillos sangrientos
Italian: Zanne sanguinanti
↓↘→ + C → + SP
A command throw that temporarily stuns your opponent.
Distortion Drive
Serpent's Infernal Rapture (uses 50% Heat)
蛇翼崩天刃Winged Serpent's Collapsing Divine Blade(じゃよくほうてんじん)
Jyayoku HōtenjinGerman: Höllischer Schlangenrausch
French: Extase infernale du serpent
Spanish: Rapto infernal de la Serpiente
Italian: Estasi infernale del serpente
↓↘→↓↘→ + B ← + SP
A powerful kick that sends your opponent flying.
Eternal Coils of the Dragon Serpent (uses 50% Heat)
蛟竜烈華斬Mizuchi's Violent Blooming Slash(みずちれっかざん)
Mizuchi RekkazanGerman: Ewige Spiralen der Drachenschlange
French: Anneux éternels du serpent dragon
Spanish: Espirales eternas de la serpiente dragón
Italian: Spire eterne del drago-serpente
→↘↓↙←→ + C
Violently slash your opponent after binding them.
The Serpent's Unholy Wrath
大蛇武錬葬Orochi's War-Tempering Funeral(おろちぶれんそう)
Orochi Burensou
→↘↓↙←→ + D during Serpent's Benediction or Serpent's Redemption
Astral Heat
Hungry Darkness of 1000 Souls (uses 100% Heat)
千竜冥烙Thousand Dragons of Branded Darkness(せんこんめいらく)
Senkon MeirakuGerman: Hungrige Dunkelheit von 1000 Seelen
French: Obscurite affamée de 1000 âmes
Spanish: Oscuridad hambrienta de las mil almas
Italian: Oscurità famelica delle 1000 anime
↙ →↘↓↙ ←↘ + D
Summons endless upwards chains to attack your opponent.



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