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Hazama is a character who specializes in close range assaults. His dash is only a step type, but his various D abilities more than make up for this loss of mobility. When at a distance, use various D attacks to control space. If the opponent is on the ground, use Standing D or Jumping → + D. If they're in the air, use → + D or jumping D. At times like this, don't just extend the chain to attack. For example, you can mix in pressing A immediately to draw back the chain and perform a feint.

When a D attack hits, press the assault with other D actions. You can perform jump attacks during D actions, so lay on some pressure with Jumping B or Jumping ↓ + C. If a D attack is guarded, a follow-up D action is much more easily countered. Mix up your actions, like using Jumping A or Shadow Serpent to land, or the B action to change timing.

Once close to the opponent, combo from normal attacks into Vengeful Viper, then use Falling Fang or Devouring Fang to shake up their guard. Falling Fang is a middle attack, and you can continue attacking even if guarded. It jumps over low hitting attacks while in motion, so it's effective if the opponent is trying to interrupt you with Crouching A attacks. Devouring Fang is a low attack, letting you pass under high hitting attacks while in motion. It's an effective choice when the opponent guards Falling Fang or tries to power through. Besides the choice of medium and low attacks like Falling Fang and Devouring Fang, you can also use throws like Bloody Fangs or The Serpents Unholy Wrath to keep up a powerful assault.

If the opponent attacks from the air, counter them with Crouching C. If they're rushing you, the high hitting Standing A is also an effective counter. When the opponent is near, it's safest to repel the opponent using a Counter Assault. Serpent's Infernal Rapture is a fast hitting Distortion Drive. It doesn't have invincibility time, but it can be connected into certain combos. However, the Overdrive version has invincibility time, making it even more useful.[1]

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