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Distortion Drive
Distortion Drive
Astral Heat
Astral Heat

Other, Banter

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100 - New Unit My name is Kagura. I'm no more than a sword. I don't know why you called me here, but I'll only do what I want.
I won't be taking orders. If you don't want to regret calling me here, you'd better watch yourself.
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101 I don't plan to get along. This warning is for you, so you'd better listen well if you value your life.
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102 Tch. Eccentrics all. Is this whole ship filled with fools like you? I'm not working with anyone ever again, so stay away from me.
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103 I don't need anyone's help. I'll cut open my path myself, with this one sword. It's what I decided when I started this fight.
103 他人の力なんざ不要だ。俺は俺の道は剣一本で切り開く。この戦いを始めた時決めたことだ。 Play
104 You're damned persistent. It doesn't matter what you say to me, I'm not interested in whatever those eyes of yours see... it's probably just suffering.
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105 You again? I told you, I won't be divulging anything. If you're not convinced...I couldn't care less.
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106 No justice exists without power. You better beat that into your brain, because naive ideals won't work on the battlefield.
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107 The way I see it, you haven't realized just how much responsibility you bear yet. So I'll give you a little warning... when it comes down to it, it's all about whether you've steeled yourself or not.
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108 - Banter (line 16) I've thrown away everything. The friends who protected me, the way back... All of it's long gone. But I have no regrets. Continuing to wield this sword is the only way I can atone... and my one remaining duty.
108 - Banter (line 16) 俺はすべてを捨てたみだ。守る共も、戻る道も…何もかもとっくに消えたよ。だが後悔はねぇ。ただ剣を振るい続けることだけが…俺に出来る贖罪と…そして俺のただ一つの責務だ。 Play
109 I didn't mean to stick around for this long. Fine, then. I'll recognize you... for your guts in continuing to Observe me, that is.
109 Play
110 What is it you want with those eyes? No, how much do you want? There's a limit to how many you can protect all by yourself. If you still insist... then show me that future.
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Other, Advancement

Situation Quote Audio
123 - Ascension (SS+) Now, who's next?
Ascension (SS+) さて、次の相手は誰だ? Play
124 - Ascension (SS++) Hahaha...Refreshing. Time to cut loose.
Ascension (SS++) ククク……いい気分だ。存分に暴れてやる Play
125 - Ascension (SS+++) Don't regret giving this power to me!
Ascension (SS+++) 後悔するなよ、俺にこの力を与えたことを Play

Other, Homescreen

Situation Quote Audio
133 - Talk (line 30) For the single truth I believed in, I threw away everything else. That's why I won't forgive myself if I lose... ever.
ただ一つ信じたものの為に他のすべてを捨ててきた。だからこそ、俺に敗北は許されねぇん…絶対にな Play
135 - Talk (line 32) My fight will continue eternally. Within that, there are no possibilities...only days of cutting down the enemies in front of me.
137 - Talk (line 34) If I ever fall in combat, just leave my body there to rot. ...But, pour one out for me, would you?
いつかもし、俺が敗北し倒れる日が来たら……俺の体はその場所に捨ててくれていい。ただ、酒でもかけてくれや。 Play
136 - Likes If you really want to win, then discard that naivete of yours. Even if you can't, no one will blame you.. but you'll be the one to regret it the most.
本当にこの戦いに勝ちたければ、甘さは捨てろ。それが出来なくても、誰もお前を責めはしねぇ。だが……その時一番辛いのはきっとお前だろうな。 Play
132 - Dislikes I only want victory, and the strength to make it possible. I'll cut down anyone and everyone who'll block that path. ...Even if they used to be a close friend of mine.
俺が求めるのは勝利と、それを可能にする力だけだ。俺の道を阻む敵は全部たたっ斬る。……例えそれがかつての友であったとしてもだ。 Play
134 - Hobby I swing my sword for victory. But... right. Looking up at the sky between battles isn't all that bad.
勝利のために剣を振るい続ける。それが俺の覇道だ。だが……そうだな、戦いの最中、時には空を見上げるのも悪くねぇかもな。 Play

Other, Holiday

Situation Quote Audio
141 - Player's birthday I heard today was your birthday. Congratulations... and I'll leave it at that. You're likely the last person I will ever congratulate.
今日はお前の誕生日だと聞いた。おめでとう、と言わせてもらうぜ。俺が他人を祝福するのはきっとお前で最後だ。 Play
142 - Another Dark Kagura's birthday
142 Play
143 - New Year's Day
143 Play
144 - Anniversary of the Black Beast's Defeat
144 Play
145 - Valentine's Day
145 Play
146 - White Day
146 Play
147 - April Fool's Day
147 Play
148 - Halloween
148 Play
149 - BlazBlue's Anniversary
149 Play
150 - Christmas
150 Play
151 - New Year's Eve
151 Play
152 - Anniversary of the Black Beast's First Appearance
152 Play

Other, Other Characters

Situation Quote Audio
300 - Hibiki Kohaku (line 53) Is that Hibiki? ...Hey, go tell him I'm here. And that he can come kill me any time.
ヒビキか。おい、俺がここにいることはあいつに伝えておけ。「いつでも殺しに来ていい」ともな。 Play
301 - Tenjo Amanohokosaka (line 54) That's...Lord Tenjo. I see...she hasn't changed...I see. Let me thank your Observation...for reaffirming my will to fight.
あれは…テンジョウ様。そうか…変わりないか…そうか。お前の観測に礼を言う。俺の戦い理由再認識出来たからだ。 Play
302 - Homura Amanohokosaka (line 55) Lord Homura... has grown so much. Their Highness will easily surpass the likes of me. Until that time comes, I, Kagura, shall be their sword.
ホムラ様…蓄しくをなられた。そのうちこの俺などたやすく超えてゆくお方だ。そのまではこのカグラがあの方の剣となろう。 Play


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