Gameplay:駆け出し科学者 BBDW Grimoire

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Fledgling Scientist
Blazblue Alternative Dark War 5Star Grimoire 52.png
Skill IconSkill Description
BBDW Status Drive Up.png
 ⇑ Drive Up: Drive Effectiveness Up
Drive Up 30%
(At MAX)
 ⇑ Drive Up: Drive Effectiveness Up
Drive Up 35%
Name駆け出し科学者 (Kakedeshi Kagakusha)
Profile Description (English)

My bosses may be moody, arrogant, selfish and pushy, but I'll enjoy the slow life and go at my own pace with my research. I think that "searching for the truth" is naturally something that anyone intelligent would say that they're interested in, no?

Profile Description (Japanese)

気難しく自分勝手で尊大な上司に振り回されながら、 それでもマイペースに楽しむ研究ライフ。 真実を探求したいと思うのは、 頭脳ある人間として当然の欲求と言えますの!

HP (Min/Max)1920/3840
Atk (Min/Max)480/960
Def (Min/Max)128/256
Illustrator ささきむつみ (Sasaki Mutsumi)
Release Date2021/12/01
CharactersKajun Faycott