Gameplay:熱烈歓迎!オリエントタウン BBDW Grimoire

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A Warm Welcome! Orient Town
Blazblue Alternative Dark War 4Star Grimoire 15.png
Skill IconSkill Description
BBDW Status Healing Skill Up.png
 ⇑ Healing Up: Healing Skill Effectiveness Up
Healing Up 20%
(At MAX)
 ⇑ Healing Up: Healing Skill Effectiveness Up
Healing Up 25%
Name熱烈歓迎!オリエントタウン (rè liè huān yíng! Orientotaun
Netsuretsu Kangei! Orientotaun)
Profile Description (English)

Glaring neon, exaggerated monuments. A city wrapped in a boisterous and lively atmosphere: Orient Town. A beautiful and capable doctor and her adorable assistant welcome you!

Profile Description (Japanese)

騒がしいネオン、仰々しいモニュメント。 活気と喧騒に包まれた街・オリエントタウン。 美人で腕利きの女医さんやそのかわいい助手が、 あなたの来訪を歓迎します!

HP (Min/Max)1900/3800
Atk (Min/Max)168/336
Def (Min/Max)89/178
Illustrator 椋本夏夜 (KURAMOTO Kaya)
Release Date2021/02/16
(Aim For The Idol's Road ~MeiP's Idol Production Strategy~)
CharactersLinhua,Litchi Faye-Ling