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Gameplay:平和な日常 BBDW Grimoire

From BlazBlue Wiki
Peaceful Days
Blazblue Alternative Dark War 3star Grimoire 7.png
Skill IconSkill Description
BBDW Status Regeneration.png
 ☗ Regeneration: Restore Health by a % each turn
Regeneration 6%
(At MAX)
 ☗ Regeneration: Restore Health by a % each turn
Regeneration 8%
Name平和な日常 (Heiwa na Nichijō)
Profile Description (English)

Just beyond the familiar road to school, it appears: fluffy all over, with a clear gaze, vertical pupils, and a lovable form. Toys were prepared just for this moment. The time he spends engrossed in playing with the cat is a moment of bliss for Naoto.

Profile Description (Japanese)

見慣れた通学路に突然そいつは現れる。 もふもふの体躯、きりりとした縦長の瞳孔、そして愛らしい姿形。 こんな時のために、玩具の用意は万端だ。 時を忘れて猫とたわむれるのは、ナオトの至福の時間なのだ。

HP (Min/Max)374/748
Atk (Min/Max)97/194
Def (Min/Max)313/626
Illustrator まつゆき杏 (Matsuyuki An)
Release Date2021/02/16
(Wondrous Glasses and A Test of Love ~Spectacles of Eros CARNAGE~)
CharactersNaoto Kurogane