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Rebel.14 What Happens If There's Seithr?

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July 4, 2018 (Chao)

"Drive" supplimendri details - "Supplementary details" is usually written hosoku no setsumei, but here, the no is replaced with the word for bean, pronounced do like in Drive (doraibu)

Beans and ogres - When Trinity says Kazuma is "relentless," in the original text, she actually says Kazuma is like an ogre, a metaphor for having traits associated with ogres (relentlessness, ferocity, etc). However, this is also part of a pun related to the "bean" from earlier, referencing the Japanese tradition of scattering beans during Setsubun to drive away ogres (and other evil spirits).

Seithr and masochism - The Japanese term for seithr is pronounced maso, while the word used for "masochist" here is mazo (shortened from mazohisuto). This results in something like, "Maso really brings out the mazo in you (lol)." Since this joke is completely lost in English, I opted for coherence instead.