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Azrael is a power type character who specializes in close combat. Once close, he can do everything from breaking guards to dealing huge damage. His successive attacks form magnificent, deadly combos, and are sure to leave you in awe.

At mid-range, use the long reaching Standing C attacks. From Standing C, connect into → + C or Gustav Buster to get in close. → + C is effective against opponents who like to jump a lot. If attacking from the air, use an aerial dash, then Jumping B or Jumping ↓ + D. Both can hit behind you as well, so there's no problem if you travel a little too far. Also, guarding from Standing C into → + D which can't be crouch guarded, or ↘ + D which can't be standing guarded is a good choice. The movement is the same up until the attack, so your opponent will have trouble distinguishing it.

Once you're close to the opponent, you have a choice of Standing D or Crouching D for medium or low attacks. If either one hits, they can connect into a choice of medium or low attacks as well.

Azrael's dash is a special kind of step. If at close range, he can pass through the opponent, around to their back. Making use of this, you can dash to the opponent's back and attack from there.

If the opponent attacks from the air, counter them with Crouching C or → + B. Crouching C is suitable if the opponent approaches from the front with a midair dash, while → + B is good to counter an opponent right above. When under pressure from the opponent, the invulnerability from Panzer Strike is reliable. Rapid Cancel makes it an even more solid choice. Growler Field absorbs projectiles, making it effective against opponents with long range, or projectiles sent to hit you when you get up. Make use of the attack's fast activation speed to interrupt them.[1]

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