Weekly Famitsu 20190103 Game Creators' Aspirations for 2019

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The Jan 3, 2019 issue (released Dec 19, 2018) of Weekly Famitsu ran a feature interviewing 119 creators about their aspirations for the new year. Mori Toshimichi reflects on the hectic pace of 2018 and looks to the freshness of a new year and a new era as the Heisei period draws to a close.

002 Mori Toshimichi

Profile: BlazBlue series’ producer, leading the scenario, illustrations, and more. The series’ newest installment, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, released May 31, 2018.

Keyword for 2019: Indomitable. No matter what happens, don’t give up and live with spirit.

2018 was a year where there were a lot of things to worry about; clearing my head in 2019 would be like continuing onward. Therefore, 2019’s motto is to “try what I want to try”. If possible, I’d like to study mediums of expression outside of games. Studying new methods of entertainment will lead to an expansion of the structure of games, I believe.

A word for the near future

Currently, I’m lagging in all sorts of ways in a project I’m taking part in. So I’ll persevere to take even the slightest step forward. If I were to continue towards a future that’s just a little bit brighter...

Something you’re paying attention to in 2019, or an entertainment project you’re looking forward to

It’s the end of Heisei, and thus it’ll be a new era soon. Personally, I wanted to release the first game of the new era, but... there are probably a bunch of people thinking the same thing. Also, I want to see “Avengers: Endgame” soon.


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