Unlimited Characters

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Unlimited Characters are amplified versions of the roster that appears in every game under the C-Series. Usually, they are unlocked through difficult methoods, or purchased using P$.


A basic example is that one of Jin's Drive attacks (left) normally projects a single wall of ice, while Unlimited (right) projects three.

Unlimited versions of characters offers extra MAX HP, damage output, an enhanced Drive, as well as unique changes with positive benefits for all characters. During battle, the selected character's name, or portrait will alter to indicate their unlimited status. In BlazBlue: Central Fiction, unlimited characters are no longer able to be controlled by players. This time around, the unlimited forms of Ragna the Bloodedge, Nine the Phantom, and Hades: Izanami only appear as bosses, controlled by the CPU under certain conditions.

In all games that they are playable in, they can only be selected in Versus, or Practice modes.