Template page

This template displays a favicon for NicoNico or YouTube plus a link to the video.


  | yt for Youtube
    nn for NicoNico
    tw for Twitter
  | JUST the ID of the video (ie "so6700003") or for twitter, the post (ie "arcnama/status/1142320463558823936")
  | y to display a default "YouTube", "NicoNico", or "Twitter" description next to the icon
  | desc = description (overrides the default description)

{{Favicon|yt|jfwXGlwD1xg|y}}{{Favicon|nn|so6700003|desc=NicoNico (JP)}}


Favicon-yt.png YouTubeFavicon-nn.png NicoNico (JP) Favicon-tw.png Twitter

Favicon-yt.png Favicon-nn.png  Favicon-tw.png