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This template defines the table "BBDW_Character_Status_Application". View table.

This template was created to make it easier to query for characters' status application abilities. It is called in Template:BBDW Character to store data, and purposely duplicates data held separately in Special:CargoTables/BBDW_Characters and Special:CargoTables/BBDW_Character_Traits.


{{BBDW Character Status Application
|charnameen = Wikitext
|fxtype = Wikitext (Command,Skill,Trait)
|fxnum = Integer. Numbering of the ability, to be used along with fxtype (i.e. Skill 1 or 2, Trait 1-6)
|icon = File
|nameen = Wikitext
|namejp = Wikitext
|namejpalt = Wikitext
|fxtargettype = Wikitext, command additional effect only. Targeting type of the command. (ST or AOE)
|fxdesc = Wikitext
|fxstatuses = List (,) of String
|fxcondition = Wikitext, trait only. Condition to activate the trait.
|fxbasecd = Wikitext, skill only. Base cooldown.
|reqrarity = String, the required rarity to unlock the ability


Template:BBDW Status Application

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