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Template:BBDW Event

Template page

This template defines the table "BBDW_Events". View table.

Adds basic info about a BBDW event or gacha.

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{{BBDW Event
|nameen=Test Gacha
|start=2021/02/16 12:00:00AM

|featured_chars=Rate-Up characters for gacha; Event Bonus characters for events
|new_chars=other newly added characters in the gacha or event that aren't on rate-up or have an event bonus

|featured_grimoires=Rate-Up Grimoires
|new_grimoires=Other new grimoires added to the event or gacha that don't have rate-up or event bonus.

|tradable_chars=Characters that can be traded for from the gacha exchange.
|trade_item=Item name

|gachapg=name of the page for the related gacha
|storypg=name of the page for related story