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Gameplay:Taokaka BBCT

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Boasting varied rushing attacks and the use of claws! A speedy character with unique mobility! [1]


Taokaka demonstrates a simply overwhelming speed. She can run circles around her opponents' attacks. Her Drive "Dancing Edge" grants her a tremendous boost in speed, and if you press her Drive button while simultaneously turning the lever, she can fly around the screen both horizontally and vertically. She has many low and middle variations, but beware of her low defense![1]

Command List

Name Command
Normal Input Alternative Input
Dancing Edge
Danshingu Ejji
→ Stop / Turn Around / Bounce A or B or C after Dancing Edge
Crouch Walk
Cat Spirit One!
Neko Tama Wan!
↓↘→ + A (midair also)
Cat Spirit Two!
Neko Tama Tsū!
↓↘→ + B in midair (repeatable) SP2
Kitty Litter Special!
必殺ネコ魔球!Fatal Magical Cat's Ball!
Hissatsu Neko Makyū!
→↘↓↙← + A or B or C (only C is delayable) SP2
Trick Edge!
だましんぐエッジDeceive-ing Edge
Damashingu Ejji!
↓ charge ↑ + D (change directions before charging at opponent by pressing ↓) SP1
Distortion Drive
Cat Person's Secret Art: Hexa-edge
Neko no Hito Jikiden Hekisa Ejji
↓↘→↓↘→ + D SP3
Almost Becoming Two!
Hobo Nibiki ni Naru!
↓↘→↓↘→ + B
Astral Heat
Attack Meow Pow!
Atakku Nyanbā Wan
← charge ↙↓↑ + D


  • The Japanese name of Trick Edge (だましんぐエッジ Damashingu Ejji) "Deceive-ing Edge" is written with the word for "Deceive" in Japanese (damashi), and the English ending "-ing" appended afterwards to form a mix of Japanese and English when read out loud.
  • In Cat Person's Secret Art: Hexa-edge, the word for "Secret Art" (直伝 Jikiden) uses the words for something "directly inherited" that is strongly implied to be a technique.
  • In Almost Becoming Two!, the Japanese uses 匹 piki, a measure word for smaller animals, like cats.



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