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Susano'o has very few quick attacks — each one of his attacks deals massive amounts of damage. Standing B and Standing C are extremely effective. Standing B will reach the opponent at the distance when the match starts.

Connect Standing B to Standing C then Standing D to unlock Special Attacks. From Standing D transition into Sundering Claws. Sundering Claws can be used at any time, and if blocked by the opponent, is hard to punish. Because Susano'o advances during → + D, this can be used as a means of closing the distance. Even if it is blocked, Susano'o can move first, so transition from B into → + B.

After making the opponent block Standing D or → + B, break the opponent's guard with Overhead, → + D and the Low Crouching D. Furthermore, the Overhead, Hunter's Fang, Low Dancing Dual Kick, and moving throw, Splintering Thrust, are all extremely effective in breaking guards. Unlock these as soon as you can.

Because Susano'o has such long reach, his initial Dash is a little slow. If you cannot reach the opponent with Standing B or Standing C, then try using the Projectile → + A. → + A will chain into ← + D, which will unlock a Special Attack. Against opponents from midair, use Crouching C or Jumping A to follow suit. Crouching C can be cancelled into → + D, or Jump Cancelled to open up new combos.

When the opponent is applying a lot of pressure, the invulnerable Towering Flame is your best friend. If the opponent favors close quarter combat, use this ability to create some distance. [1]

Command List

Name Command
Normal Input Alternative Input
Divine Warrior
武神God of War(タケガミ)
An attack that unleashes special attacks
Shrieks of the Entombed
絶葬ノ刻Time of Severed Burial(ぜっそうのこく)
Zessō no Koku
A + B + C + D
Allows all special attacks to be used for a brief moment
血滾ル斂激Blood-boiling Combo(ちたぎる・れんげき)
A + B + C + D during OD
Sundering Claws
薙ギ裂ク狂爪(なぎさく・きょうそう)Cutting Cleaving Maddened Claws
↓↘→ + A → + SP
Towering Flame
灼キ噴ク楼焔(やきふく・ろうえん)Burning Blistering Tower of Flame
→↓↘ + C (Usable after Stage 2) SP (Usable after Stage 2)
散リ殺グ礫巌(ちりそぐ・れきがん)Scattering Slicing Conglomerate
↓↙← + A (Usable after Stage 3) ↓ + SP (Usable after Stage 3)
Hunter's Fang
狩リ絶ツ襲牙(かりたつ・しゅうが)Hunting Severing Heavy Fang
↓↙← + B (Usable after Stage 4) SP in midair
Dancing Dual Kick
這イ舞ウ双脚(はいまう・そうきゃく)Creeping Circling Both Feet
↓↘→ + B (Usable after Stage 5)
Inevitable Calamity
圧シ焼ク惨禍(おしやく・ざんか)Pressing Burning Calamity
C (Usable after Stage 6)
Splintering Thrust
衝キ刺ス絶掌(つきさす・ぜっしょう)Stabbing Pricking Splendor
→↘↓↙← + C (Usable after Stage 7)
Blade of Judgement
断チ斬ル閃刃(たちきる・せんじん)Flashing Blade Severs Apart
↓↘→ + D (Usable after Stage 8)
Distortion Drive
Liberating Dagger
解キ放ツ魔葬ノ凶刃(ときはなつ・まそうのきょうじん)Hidden Dagger of Liberating Seithr
Tokihanatsu・Masō no Kyōjin
↓↘→↓↘→ + D (Usable after Stage 8) (uses 50% Heat)
Strike of the Possessed God
討チ狂ウ鬼神ノ殲撃(うちくるう・きしんのせんげき)Massacring Strike of the Crazed God
Uchikurū・Kishin no Sengeki
→↘↓↙←→ + D (uses 50% Heat) ← + SP (uses 50% Heat)
Collapsing Resentment
哭キ穿ツ崩落ノ怨嗟(なきうがつ・ほうらくのえんさ)Piercing Cry Crushing Resentment
Nakiugatsu・Hōraku no Ensa
During OD ↓ charge, then ↑ + D (uses 50% Heat)
Astral Heat
Roar of the Mad King
狂王ノ咆哮大蛇滅殺Mad King's Roar Orochi's Obliteration(きょおうのほうこう・おろちめっさつ)
Kyo Ō no Hōkō・Orochi Messatsu
↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C (uses 100% Heat)


  • In Bloodspiller (血滾ル斂激 Chitagiru Rengeki), 斂激 Rengeki is read as "combo" but written with the characters for "stiffen" and "enrage."
  • In Megalith (散リ殺グ礫巌 Chirisogu Rekigan), 礫巌 Rekigan is read as "conglomerate" but written with the characters for "thrown boulder."
  • In Splintering Thrust (衝キ刺ス絶掌 Tsukisasu Zesshō), 絶掌 Zesshō is read as "splendor" but written with the characters for "sever" and "palm."
  • In Blade of Judgement (断チ斬ル閃刃 Tachikiru Senjin), 断チ斬ル Tachikiru is read as "severs apart" but with the character for "sever" replaced with one for "murder."
  • Roar of the Mad King (狂王ノ咆哮大蛇滅殺 Kyo Ō no Hōkō・Orochi Messatsu) in Japanese references Susanoo's slaying of the Yamata-no-Orochi in the original Japanese myth.



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