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Absorb HP and control the pace of the match! An excellent close to mid range offensive fighter![1]


Ragna is a close range character with a rush-down style. He is especially good at mid or close range battles. He moves fast and his normal attacks are easy to use. Not only that, but he's good at anti-air battles and also effective whenever he is up close. If you're a beginner, you should start off with Ragna. His drive is Soul Eater. His normal and special attacks using the D button will drain your opponent's HP if the attack hits or is blocked. The amount of HP regained will depend on whether the attack hit your opponent or was blocked. On top of that, for each D attack in your combo, a bonus is added to the amount of HP regained for each additional D attack afterwards. This bonus can increase to up to 1.5 times the normal amount of HP regained. Check how much HP you have left and decide whether you want to focus on damaging your opponent, or healing yourself. Keep that in mind as you decide which attacks to use.

Next is Ragna's basic tactics. Learn how to se your spacing tools, how to use your anti-air attacks, and simple attack chains. His battle style is simple. When attacking from mid range, his standing B, standing C, and jumping C are all very strong, especially if the attack makes contact with your opponent at the very tip of the attack. If your attack makes contact, then you can begin your attack chains. If standing B hits, continue with a standing C and cancel into "Hell's Fang" to combo your opponent. If it's your jumping C that hits your opponent, after you land on the ground, attack with a dash standing B. Or, if your attacks are blocked, you could try continuing your attack chain by using →+D > , or try mixing in a "Dead Spike". It's also good to shake up a crouch guarding opponent by attacking with strings such as dash standing B > crouching B > →+B. If your opponent is in the air, counterattack with →+A if you're on the ground, or jumping A or jumping D if you're in the air. When your opponent is attacking you, you can counterattack him with a C "Inferno Divider" after guarding an attack. This tactic is even better if you have Heat to spend on a Rapid Cancel. [2]

Command List

Name Command
Normal Input Alternative Input
Soul Eater D
An attack that absorbs the opponent's life.
Hell's Fang
↓↙← + A → + S
A lunging attack that moves forward.
→ Additional Attack ↓↙← + D after "Hell's Fang" N, H or S after "Hell's Fang"
An additional attack that absorbs the opponent's HP.
Inferno Divider
→↓↘ + C or D (midair also) S (midair also)
An antiair attack.
→ Uppercut ↓↘→ + C after "Inferno Divider" N, H or S after "Inferno Divider"
An additional attack after Inferno Divider.
→Straight Punch ↓↘→ + C after "Uppercut"
A strong attack that sends the opponent backward.
→ Ax Kick ↓↙← + D after "Uppercut" N, H or S after "Uppercut"
An attack that slams the opponent to the ground.
Gauntlet Hades
↓↙← + B (midair also) ↓ + S
An overhead lunging attack.
→ Spin Kick ↓↙← + D after "Gauntlet Hades" N, H or S after "Gauntlet Hades"
Absorbs the opponent's life and kicks them upward.
Dead Spike
↓↙← + D
A short-ranged projectile that absorbs the opponent's life.
Not Over Yet ↓↓ + C while opponent is down
An attack performed on an opponent who is down.
Belial Edge ↓↙← + C in midair ↓ + S in midair
Perform a diagonal aerial attack downwards toward your opponent.
Distortion Drive
Carnage Scrissors
→↘↓↙←→ + D (delayable) (uses 50% Heat) Hold N (uses 50% Heat)
After doing a lunging attack, Ragna will do an additional attack that will absorb the opponent's life. You can stop his attack midway by holding the Drive button.
Blood Kain
↓↙←↓↙← + D (uses 50% Heat) Hold H (uses 50% Heat)
For a short period of time, Ragna's Drive button attack will be strengthened. However, he will slowly lose life while this spell is active.
Devoured by Darkness
↓↙←↓↙← + D (uses 50% Heat) while "Blood Kain" is active Hold H (uses 50% Heat) while "Blood Kain" is active
An unblockable attack that absorbs a massive amount of the opponent's life.
Astral Heat
Black Onslaught ↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C (uses 100% Heat) Hold N + H (uses 100% Heat)
A fury of attacks with Ragna's scythe. Only finishes if the initial swipe hits the opponent.



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