Gameplay:Ragna the Bloodedge BBCP

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Command List

Name Command
Normal Input Alternative Input
Soul Eater D
An attack that absorbs the opponent's life.
Blood Kain IDEA A + B + C + D
Enhances Soul Eater Drive attacks.
Hell's Fang
↓↙← + A ← + S
A lunging attack that moves forward.
→ Additional Attack ↓↙← + D after "Hell's Fang" L, N, H or S after "Hell's Fang"
An additional attack that absorbs the opponent's HP.
Inferno Divider
→↓↘ + C or D (midair also) → + S (midair also)
An anti-air attack.
→ Uppercut
↓↘→ + C after "Inferno Divider"
L, N, H or S after "Inferno Divider"
An additional attack after Inferno Divider.
→ Straight Punch ↓↘→ + C after "Uppercut"
A strong attack that sends the opponent backward.
→ Ax Kick ↓↙← + D after "Uppercut" L, N, H or S after "Uppercut"
An attack that slams the opponent to the ground.
Gauntlet Hades
↓↙← + B (midair also) ← + S in midair
An overhead lunging attack.
→ Spin Kick ↓↙← + D after "Gauntlet Hades" S after "Gauntlet Hades"
Absorbs the opponent's life and kicks them upward.
Dead Spike
↓↙← + D S
A short-ranged projectile that absorbs the opponent's life.
Not Over Yet ↓↓ + C while opponent is down
An attack performed on an opponent who is down.
Belial Edge ↓↙← + C in midair S in midair
Perform a diagonal aerial attack downwards toward your opponent.
Blood Scythe ↓↙← + D (midair also) ↓ + S (midair also)
A leap into the air, following by a powerful downward strike.
Distortion Drive
Carnage Scrissors
→↘↓↙←→ + D (delayable) (uses 50% Heat) → + L + N (delayable) (uses 50% Heat)
After doing a lunging attack, Ragna will do an additional attack that will absorb the opponent's life. You can stop his attack midway by holding the Drive button.
Devoured by Darkness
↓↙←↓↙← + D (uses 50% Heat) L + N (uses 50% Heat)
An unblockable attack that absorbs a massive amount of the opponent's life.
Astral Heat
Black Onslaught ↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C (uses 100% Heat) ← + L + N (uses 100% Heat)
A fury of attacks with Ragna's scythe. Only finishes if the initial swipe hits the opponent.