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Rachel is a technical character who can control the wind. The wind can help her influence the battle, as it can give her control over the trajectory and speed of her projectiles and the players themselves. For those who prefer a more unique play style, she is a perfect choice. Her drive is Silpheed. By combining directional input with the D button, you can blow wind in eight different directions. Inputting D without any directional input will cause the wind to blow forward. Once the wind blows in a certain direction, the wind's influence will work in that direction. For example, if you blow wind in the direction you are moving, it becomes a tailwind, and it is easier to move in that direction. If you blow the wind in the opposite direction, it becomes harder to move in that direction. Because the wind also affects your projectiles and opponent, there are limitless possibilities. Everytime you use Silpheed, it consumes one charge of the Silpheed gauge, located above the heat gauge. The Silpheed gauge contains up to four charges and will recover while Rachel is on the ground, and is not using using Silpheed. The longer Rachel is on the ground, the faster the gauge recovers. By using Silpheed, there are many special techniques you can perform. For example, Impish Gysophila summons a pumpkin that does nothing on it's own, but when Silpheed is used, it will perform a flying attack in the direction Silpheed was used. George XIII summons a sow walking frog to attack, but using Silpheed, you can make him move faster. The normal attack →+C lasts much longer and has many more hits if Silpheed is used during it's attack animation. These are just a few of the examples of the use of Silpheed.

For spacing, the projectile attack Tiny Lobelia is very useful. The ground ↓↘→+A, and aerial ↓↘→+C versions are best at mid range. Meanwhile, the ground ↓↘→+B and ↓↘→+C versions, and aerial ↓↘→+A, and ↓↘→+B versions are better at long range. Using Silpheed can alter the spacing projectiles of Tiny Lobelia. For example, when using the ground ↓↘→+A version, using D+↑, or D+↗ increases the space that it covers. For the ground ↓↘→+B version, use D+→, or D+↘. Also, for the ground ↓↘→+C version, using D+↘ can be helpful against closer opponents. Furthermore, if you have an Impish Gypsophila present, it will be very difficult for your opponent to approach you at all.

Command List

Name Command
Normal Input Alternative Input
Creates wind that covers the whole screen.
Tiny Lobelia
Taini Roberia
↓↘→ + A or B or C (midair also)
Launches a projectile in a parabolic arc. When the projectile hits the ground, it becomes a lightning rod.
George XIII
↓↙← + A (midair also)
Summons a frog that walks on the ground.
Impish Gypsophilia
↓↙← + B (midair also)
Summons a pumpkin that floats in the air. Affected by Silpheed, it'll move in the direction of the wind.
Sword Iris
Sōdo Airisu
↓↙← + C (midair also)
Summons lightning to any rods that are placed.
Distortion Drive
Baden-Baden Lily
Bāden Bāden Rirī
→ ↘ ↓ ↙ ← → + C (midair also)
Summons an enormous amount of lightning around herself and to any lightning rods that are placed.
Tempest Dahlia
Tenpesuto Daria
→ ↘ ↓ ↙ ← → + B (midair also)
Summons various objects from off-screen to attack the opponent. Strength is based on how much Silpheed gauge is remaining.
Astral Heat
Clownish Calendula
Kuraunisshu Karendura
↓ ↓ ↓ + B
An unblockable attack performed around Rachel.