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Konomi Higuchi. ''BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle's main designer Konomi Higuchi's live painting illustration is completed! The dreamy Es is done♪ The livestream is also nearing its end! Don't miss the last part!''  +
Pins exclusive for competitors of ArREVO America 2019  +
"ArcRevo America 2019 BlazBlue Main Visual" Yuuki Kato.  +
"ArcRevo America 2019 BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Main Visual" Konomi Higuchi.  +
"ArcRevo America 2019 Guily Gear Xrd REV2" Kenta Asano.  +
"ArcRevo America 2019 Main Visual Complete" Yuuki Kato, Konomi Hguchi, Kenta Asano.  +
Motoko Kusanagi<br>''Ghost in the Shell''  +
[[Ringo Akagi]]  +
Potemkin (''Guilty Gear Xrd'')  +
[[Yang Xiao Long]] (''RWBY'')  +
[[Iron Tager]]  +
[[Relius Clover]]  +
Brain Cat & [[Kiri]]  +
May & April<br>''Guilty Gear: The Missing Link''  +
Daisaku Kusama & Giant Robo<br>''Giant Robo''  +
[[Amane Nishiki]]  +
Mami Tomoe<br>''Puella Magi Madoka Magica''  +
I-No<br>''Guilty Gear''  +