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Use varied rushing attacks with Chain Revolver. A rush-down character that overwhelms opponents with a fascinating fighting style! [1]


Noel is a speed character who mainly fights up close. The reach of her normal attacks is short, but because she is fast, she can cover the distance quickly. She's a little bit tricky to master; but nonetheless, combos stemming from her D attacks are fairly easy to use, so she's best for people who are already used to playing BlazBlue, but can also be played by those with a little less experience.

Her drive is Chain Revolver. It's a special technique that allows her to perform an additional set of normal attacks and special attacks using different inputs and button presses. To activate Chain Revolver, she has these following 6 attacks: Standing D, →+D, ←+D, ↓+D, jumping D, and jumping ←+D. There are 6 additional normal attacks available during Chain Revolver: Standing A~C and →+A~C. Also note that Standing D, →+D, ←+D and crouching D can be used to connect Chain Revolver attacks.

During Chain Revolver, you can only perform up to 4 additional Chain Revolver normal attacks. However, you can also perform a Chain Revolver special attack during Chain Revolver. There are three types: "Bloom Trigger" (↓↘→+D), "Assault Through"(↓↙←+D), and "Spring Raid" (→↓↘). You can also cancel your initial Chain Revolver normal attacks with special attacks, Distortion Drives, and Astral Heats. Unlike most cancels, you can also cancel Chain Revolver attacks even if your attack misses. Try to work in special attacks to your Chain Revolver sequences, even if your initial Chain Revolver attacks miss your target or are blocked.

Next is Noel's basic tactics. Learn how to use your spacing tools, how to use your anti-air attacks, and simple attack chains. For ground spacing, the projectile "Optic Barrel" is the easiest to use. Where the projectile appears depends on which version was used: A version is short range, B is mid ranged, and C is long ranged. Hence, from a distance, use the B and C version. From mid range, you can also use standing B or aerial dash jumping B > C to force your opponent into close quarters combat. There are also ways for Noel to intercept an opponent's attacks. Standing D has strike invincibility near the beginning, so it can go right through an opponent's attack. Similarly, Crouching D and ←+D can be used to dodge some of your opponent's attacks.

For anti-air, Noel can use her →+A to intercept midair opponents while she is on the ground. This move is somewhat slow, and can be dangerous if it misses, so she can also jump and meet the opponent midair with a jumping A, or jumping B, which are more safe if they miss. If you got close to your opponent normally, standing A is very fast and can be canceled into a lot of different attacks, including itself. Thus, if your opponent blocks your standing A, you can attempt a high hitting attack such as →+B or a low hitting attack like crouching B. While in the middle of a Chain Revolver, use the overhead →+B or the low →+D to penetrate their guard. And if you used Chain Revolver to get near your opponent, there are still many mixups you can attempt after your opponent begins blocking, such as the high hitting Chain Revolver →+B, low hitting Chain Revolver →+D, or the "Muzzle Flitter".[2]

Command List

Name Command
Normal Input Alternative Input
Chain Revolver
Chēn Riborubā
Initiates a combination that can chain up to four attacks. Different buttons will perform different moves, but you cannot use the same action twice in a row.
Type XI: Optic Barrel
Jūichi Shiki · Oputikku Bareru
↓↘→ + A or B or C
Fires a projectile blast. It's distance varies depending on which button is pressed.
Type XIII: Revolver Blast
Jūsan Shiki · Riborubā Barasuto
↓↘→ + C in midair
A multistage volley of gunfire.
Type IX: Muzzle Flitter
Yonshiki · Mazaru Furittā
↓↙← + A
Jumps forward onto a standing opponent and throws them.
Type II: Bloom Trigger
Nishiki · Burūmu Torigā
↓↘→ + D while Chain Revolver is activated
Fires a shot forward.
Type V: Assault Through
Goshiki · Asaruto Surū
↓↙← + D while Chain Revolver is activated
Crosses over to the other side of the opponent and tackles them.
Type III: Spring Raid
Sanshiki · Suporingu Reido
→↓↘ + D while Chain Revolver is activated
A jumping anti-air attack.
フラッシュハイダーFlash Hider
Furasshu Haidā
↓↓ + B or C while the opponent is down
An attack on a downed opponent. The B version can be used repeatedly.
Distortion Drive
Zero-gun: Fenrir
Rei Jū · Fenriru
→↘↓↙←→ + D (uses 50% Heat)
Unleashes rapid fire from the ground up. An additional attack occurs if the initial strike hits.
Bullet Storm → Zero-gun: Thor
バレットレイン ▷ 零銃・トール
Baletto Rein → Rei Jū · Tōru
↓↘→↓↘→ + D in midair (uses 50% Heat)
Unleashes a downward hail of gunfire.
Astral Heat
Valkryrie Veil ↓↙←↓↙← + C (uses 100% Heat) SP4 (uses 100% Heat)
A string of successful attacks using both of her guns. Only finishes if the initial shot hits the opponent.


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