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Noel is a rush-down style character who is most comfortable at close-range. Once you've closed in, it's possible to apply relentless attacks using Chain Revolver.

At mid-long range, aim to close in on the opponent. It's possible to use Dashes and Air Dashes to close the distance, but various D attacks also have invincibility time, so you can make use of this as well. → + D provides invulnerability to high hitting attacks and projectiles. ↓ + D lets you dodge low hitting attacks. Make you choices based on the enemy's attack pattern.

Once you're close try using the middle attack → + B to break their guard. If you connect → + B into Standing D, the hits will start a combo allowing you to attack with Chain Revolver even if it's guarded. During Chain Revolver, use middle attack ← or → + B and Low attack ← or → + D to break their guard. Mixing in attacks like A into ← or → + B. Furthermore, during Chain Revolver, moves can be Special Attack cancelled, so throwing in a Crush Trigger, or a Type IX: Muzzle Filter can be effective.

If the opponent closes in from the air, meet them with → + A. This cab be Jump Cancelled, so you can immediately go for a midair combo if it connects. [1]

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