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BlazBlue Series 10-year Anniversary T-Shirts

Sample image.
"Guilty Gear" x "BlazBlue" Collaboration Cafe "BlazBlue" Series 10-year Anniversary T-shirt
Name BLAZBLUE シリーズ 10周年記念Tシャツ "BlazBlue" Shirīzu 10-shūnen Kinen T Shatsu
Available At
  • Storia Cafe, Guilty Gear x BlazBlue Collaboration Cafe (May 2018) (¥3000/ea.)[1]
Additional Details
  • The items arrived in the middle of May, so orders placed at the shop before their arrival were treated as preorders.
  • There is a black version and a white version.

Cross Tag Battle T-Shirt

"Cross Tag Battle" T-shirt
Name 『CROSS TAG BATTLE』Tシャツ Cross Tag Battle T Shatsu
Available At
Additional Details
  • Sizes: S・M・L・XL
  • S: 66cm long, 49cm wide, 19cm sleeves
  • M: 70cm long, 52cm wide, 20cm sleeves
  • L: 74cm long, 55cm wide, 22cm sleeves
  • XL: 78cm long, 58cm wide, 24cm sleeves

BlazBlue x POPTEAMEPIC T-Shirt

BlazBlue x Pop Team Epic T-shirt
Name BLAZBLUE×ポプテピピックコラボTシャツ BlazBlue x Poputepipikku Korabo T Shatsu
Available At
  • Comiket 93 (Dec 2017), Arc System Works booth (¥2,500)
  • Arc System Works Official Web Shop S, M, L, XL (¥2,500 + tax)
Additional Details
  • Sizes: S・M・L・XL

Halloween Party 2017 BlazBlue T-Shirt

Sample image.
Halloween Party BlazBlue T-Shirt
Name ハロウィンパーティ2017 BLAZBLUE Tシャツ) Harouin Pāti BlazBlue T Shatsu
Available At
  • Arc System Works Halloween Party 2017 (October 2017)[2] (¥3,000)
  • Arc System Works Official Web Shop S, M, L, XL (¥3,000)
Additional Details
  • Sizes: S・M・L・XL
  • S: 65cm long, 48cm wide, 41cm shoulder width, 19cm sleeves
  • M: 68cm long, 51cm wide, 43cm shoulder width, 20cm sleeves
  • L: 71cm long, 54cm wide, 45cm shoulder width, 21cm sleeves
  • XL: 74cm long, 57cm wide, 47cm shoulder width, 22cm sleeves

Taokaka T-Shirt

Taokaka T-shirt
Item B (in the middle).
Name タオカカTシャツ Taokaka T Shatsu
Available At
  • Blue Fes 2009 -RIOT SUMMER- (¥2,000)

Arakune T-Shirt

Arakune T-shirt
Item C (on the right).
Name アラクネTシャツ Arakune T Shatsu
Available At
  • Blue Fes 2009 -RIOT SUMMER- (¥2,000)