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Makoto's movements and normal attacks are fast and easy to use, but her Drive ability packs some heavy single hits. She's recommended for people who want to get up close and unleash a flurry of attacks.

At mid-range, use Dash into Standing B to get close to the opponent. If going from the air, Jumping C is recommended. Use it a little early, and connect Jumping C → additional C. Asteroid Vision is an impressive movement skill that creates mirror images. All of them can be combined with D special attacks to go one the offensive. Once close to the opponent, use middle attack → + B and low attack Crouching B to shake up their guard. If you connect Standing C or Standing C → additional C into → + B, you can stop the opponent from interrupting with normal attacks or jumps, and break their guard. Standing C and additional C don't have a Revolver Action into low attacks, but if you cancel into Sirius Jolt which cannot be standing guarded, you can hit an opponent who's defending against → + B by using a standing guard.

If the opponent attacks from the air, use → + A or Jumping A or Jumping B to counter. All of these can be jump cancelled to start a combo. If the opponent's pressuring you, the invulnerability from Corona Upper is reliable. Against certain combinations, Space Counter is also effective to provide body attack invincibility.[1]

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