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Litchi fights using two different styles: one which incorporates her rod, and another in which she sets down her rod and fights empty-handed. Her fighting style changes depending on which mode she's in, making her a complicated character.

First, let's go over Litchi's strategies with the rod. When equipped with the rod, all of her attacks have longer reach. At mid-range, use Standing B, Standing C, and Jumping B to control space. Standing B hits a little further than it might appear, and it's strongest when used from maximum range. From Standing B or Standing C, follow up with ↘ + C, then place the rod with Crouching D. When ↘ + C hits it can knock the opponent down, and you can hit them when they get up.

→ + A and ← + D are middle attacks, and using the Low ↘ + C can shake up a guard. After closing in, use them from Standing B to break through a guard. With the rod you can use Tsubame Gaeshi for invincibility. If the opponent pressures you, interrupt them using Tsubame Gaeshi.

Next are tactics for bare-handed mode. Litchi's reach is shorter when bare-handed, but D can launch the rod. By chasing the rod, you can advance relatively safely. The rod is set to one of two different trajectories when placed, but you can Kote Gaeshi to swap between "vertical" and "horizontal." "Vertical" placement covers a large area in the air. When attacking from the air, it's safer to use the rod to support you, and you can also catch an opponent who's trying to escape by jumping. "Horizontal" placement makes the rod spin along the ground, making your ground dashes safer. It can also hit an opponent on the ground, making it useful for countering various wake up moves.

After closing in, aim to break their guard with a middle attack → + A. While bare-handed → + A can be connected to various D attacks, so if the rod is near, use → + A → various D. Bare-handed mode is powerful for offense, but she can't Tsubame Gaeshi for invincibility. If the enemy puts on the pressure, it's best to use a barrier or Counter Assault to retreat to a safe distance.[1]

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  • A yakuman is a category of winning hand in Japanese mahjong
  • Straight Through, All Green, and The Great Wheel (Chariot) are each the names of winning hands
  • The Three Dragons: White / Green / Red are tiles in mahjong


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