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Tager is a power type character who specializes in throws. He has no double jump or dashes, giving him low mobility, but once he's close, he's a threatening character with pummeling attacks and throws.

At mid-range, use Standing C and Standing D to control the space in front of Tager. If the opponent keeps their distance, close the distance by advancing or using forward jumps, or by rush attacks like Crouching D and Sledge Hammer. Sledge Hammer will guard against projectile attacks while still moving. The B version not only moves a long distance, but also resists all except low attacks while charging.

When the Electric Gauge reaches MAX, Tager can use Spark Bolt, which travels quickly and pierces most other projectiles. If you have an opportunity, use Voltic Charge to fill the gauge. If the opponent closes in with a Jump, meet them with Crouching A or Crouching C. Crouching C takes some time to come out, so doing it early is key.

Once in close, aim to pummel or throw the opponent. Focus on delivering quick attacks like Standing A and Crouching A, or applying magnetism with Standing D and ← + D. If the opponent is magnetized, attacks like → + A or Wedge Catapult can still hit from medium range, making it hard for your opponent to escape. [1]

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