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Tsubaki is a close range character with many attacks. Her attack variety is very large and she is very effective when she is close to an opponent. Many of her attacks can connect just by continuously hitting buttons, and the D form of her special attacks are enhanced versions. She is relatively easy to control, even for beginners. Her B and C attacks can be followed up with another B or C attack respectively. Her drive is Install. Holding down the D button will charge Tsubaki's Install gauge, the meter above her heat gauge. The Install gauge is divided into five sections, each representing a single charge. When you let go of D, the Install gauge will stop charging. Standing D will replenish her energy quickly, but can only charge up to one charge at a time. On the other hand, crouching D will charge slowly at first, but charges faster the longer it is performed, and will charge up to a maximum of 3 charges. Using the Install gauge, Tsubaki can perform the D version of her special attacks. These attacks are enhanced with the special properties and are worth using. However, they consume one charge of the Install gauge per use. Furthermore, some of her Distortion Drives attacks have varying effectiveness depending on how many charges in her Install gauge remains.

Next is Tsubaki's basic tactics. Learn how to use your spacing tools, how to use your anti-air attacks, and simple attack chains. Attack with a jumping C from the air or dash standing B on the ground to approach an opponent. After hitting your opponent with a standing B, follow up with a second B to continue to apply pressure. After Standing B ~ B, use the low hitting crouching B, and the high hitting →+A for a basic mixup. From crouching B, use another crouching B, and then use standing C. From →+A, you can also use standing C to continue your pressure. If your standing C after crouching B or →+A is still blocked, you can cancel standing C into any form of a D charge. Immediately let go of D to recover, then dash in to attack again. When attacking again, it's effective to use standing B as your first attack and continue to mix in different options and then cancel to D again. Because Tsubaki has so many varied blockstrings, mixing in throws is also effective. Furthermore, if you have more than one Install charge, you can mix in the D version of Sanctus Decus as well.

Command List

Name Command
Normal Input Alternative Input
Charges energy required to enhance special attacks.
Sanctus Aequum
審技・閃ク壱ノ撃(しんぎ・ひらめくいちのげき)Technique of Judgement: In A Flash, One Strike
Shingi: Hirameku Ichi no Geki
↓↘→ + A or B or C or D
A charging attack that moves a great distance.
Sanctus Veritas
審剣・光ヲ断ツ剣(しんけん・ひかりをたつつるぎ)Sword of Judgement: Sword That Cuts Light
Shinken: Hikari o Tatsu Tsurugi
↓↙← + A or B or C or D
A forward lunging attack with an upward swing.
Sanctus Decus ↓↓ + A or B or C or D
Perform a knock-back attack. Delaying this attack changes its properties, the D version becomes unblockable.
Benedictus Rex
審槍・空ヲ突ク槍(しんそう・そらをつくやり)Spear of Judgement: Spear That Pierces The Sky
Shinsō: Sora o Tsuku Yari
→↓↘ + A or B or C or D
Perform an anti-air attack while jumping into the air.
Aequum Eleison
審技・空二閃ク光(しんぎ・そらにひらめくひかり)Technique of Judgement: Light That Flashes Through The Sky
Shingi: Sora ni Hirameku Hikari
↓↘→ + A or B or C or D in midair
Spread your wings in the air to attack your opponent.
Lux Aeterna
審技・空ヲ翔ル翼(しんぎ・そらをかけるつばさ)Technique of Judgement: Wings That Soar Through The Sky
Shingi: Sora o Kakeru Tsubasa
↓↙← + A or B or C or D in midair
Lunge diagonally forward towards the ground and strike your opponent.
Distortion Drive
Macto Maledictis
審罰・地ヲ抱ク衣(しんばつ・ちをいだくころも)Judgement and Punishment: Garment That Hugs The Earth
Shinbatsu: Chi o Idaku Koromo
↓↙←↓↙← + D (uses 50% Heat and requires at least one charge)
This move enables the character to perform D versions of her attacks without consuming the gauge; however, the Install gauge will slowly be drained.
Confutatis Maledictis
審罰・天ヲ刈ル焔(しんばつ・てんをかるほむら)Judgement and Punishment: Flame That Shears The Sky
Shingetsu: Ten o Karu Homura
↓↘→↓↘→ + C or D
Pin the opponent against the wall and unleash a barrage of deadly attacks. The damage of the D version will vary depending on how many charges remain.
Astral Heat
Requiem Aeternam
審聖・人ヲ裁ク神(しんせい・ひとをさばくかみ)Holy Judgement: God That Judges Humanity
Shinsei: Hito o Sabaku Kami
→↘↓↙←→ + C (uses 100% Heat)
Perform a powerful charging attack.