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Relius controls his doll Ignis to fight alongside him. Relius on his own is not an extremely agile or quick character; nevertheless, with aid from Ignis, he can perform a variety of combinations and set-ups to rush down opponents. He is a bit technical, but not quite as much as Carl. He's a good start for people looking to master characters that require multitasking. His drive is the Detonator. Pressing the D button will summon Ignis. Ignis will follow Relius unless prompted to perform attacks with D and a directional input. If you wish to dismiss Ignis, simply press D with no directional input. Furthermore, any type of ↓↙← attack will summon Ignis, and cause her to attack immediately. While Ignis is summoned, pressing →+D, ←+D, or ↓+D while on the ground will allow Relius to command Ignis to attack while acting independently. Every type of jumping D will cause Relius to first perform a command action, followed by an attack from Ignis. When Ignis is summoned, or when she performs an attack, the "Puppet Gauge" above Relius' heat gauge will be consumed. After Ignis has been dismissed for a certain amount of time, her gauge will begin to regenerate. If Ignis' gauge is depleted, then Ignis cannot be controlled until her gauge is completely replenished. It is important to not let the gauge deplete because Relius will become vulnerable. Also bear in mind that the puppet gauge will deplete more rapidly if special attacks are performed from the non-summoned state. If Relius is hit, blocks an attack, or Ignis is hit, Ignis will be dismissed, and her gauge will turn a light-blue color. This means that the rate of regeneration has slowed. Ignis will only falter when hit with "physical" attacks. However, projectile attacks, such as ones produced by Lambda's swords cannot stop Ignis.

Next is Relius' basic tactics. Learn how to use your spacing tools, how to use your anti-air attacks, and simple attack chains. For spacing tools, use attacks with good reach, such as standing B, or Ignis' Val Lanto, and Val Lyra. If there is a lot of distance between you and your opponent, it is a good idea to summon Ignis normally as well. If you are trying to engage in close-quarter combat, try using Val Lanto as a shield to advance, or Val Lyra to move the opponent where you want them, closing the distance with a dash. Another effective method to close the distance is using attacks such as jumping A, which is good horizontally, or jumping C, which is good against enemies on the ground. Mix in jumping D attacks while you approach in order to throw the opponent off. Relius lacks invincible attacks, so if you're under pressure and blocking, use Barrier Block to push them back, or a Backstep to get away. With 50% or more heat, consider using Req Vinum or Counter Assaults.

Command List

Name Command
Normal Input Alternative Input
Summons Ignis to fight alongside.
Id Lauger
Ido Roigā
↓↘→ + C (midair also)
Summons a gigantic fist, launching the enemy.
→ Id Haas
Ido Hāsu
↓↙← + A after Id Lauger (midair also)
Ignis will lunge at the opponent.
→ Id Naiads
Ido Naia
↓↙← + B after Id Lauger in mid-air
Ignis turns herself into a drill, skewering opponents.
Led Ley
Redo Rī
↓↘→ + A
Relius will spin in place, evading enemy attacks.
Val Lanto
Baru Ranto
↓↙← + A
Ignis turns into a chainsaw and lunges at the opponent.
Val Lyra
Baru Raia
↓↙← + B
Ignis appears behind the opponent, attacking them.
Val Tus
Baru Tūsu
↓↙← + C
Ignis advances toward the enemy, attacking them repeatedly.
Geara Nose
Gira Nōzu
↓↙← + D
Ignis performs a powerful overhead attack.
Geara Act ↓↘→ + D
Ignis launches a projectile downward.
Bel Lafino
Beru Rafīno
↓↙← + B in midair
Ignis transforms into a drill, attacking the enemy low.
Distortion Drive
Req Vinium
Reku Vinomu
→↘↓↙←→ + C
Summons cogs and gears to attack the opponent after trapping them within an energy field.
Vol Tedo
Boru Tēdo
→↘↓↙←→ + D
Ignis unleashes a powerful single blow.
Duo Bios
Duo Vaiosu
↓↘→↓↘→ + D
Ignis unleashes a powerful barrage of attacks upon the enemy.
Astral Heat
The Puppeteer's Altar
アルター・オブ・ジ・パペット Altar of the Puppet
Arutā Obu Za Papetto
↓↙←↓↙← + D
Ignis will grab the opponent, pulling them into Relius' domain.