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Celica is an all-rounder who can fight from any range. She fights together with Minerva, but there aren't any special controls required. She has many simple attacks, so she can be recommended to anyone to play.

At mid range, use long reaching attacks like standing B, standing C, or jumping C. It's also good to mix in projectiles like Arc Grillé (↓↘→ + B).

A basic combo is to go from standing B into standing C or ↘ + C, then cancel into Lance Quiche (↓↙← + C). The reach of ↘ + C is a little short, so be aware of distance.

If standing C is guarded, besides Lance Quiche, you can follow up with a projectile like Arc Grillé, or surprise the opponent with a middle attack like Marteau Flan (↓↙← + B).

Once close to the opponent, use middle attack → + A and low attack crouching B or ↘ + C to shake up their guard.

The first stage of → + A is a middle attack, but the second is a low attack. If you use it from barely out of range of the first stage, it can be difficult to guard against. If only the second stage hits, it causes a stagger, so go for a combo.

If the opponent attacks from the air, use → + B or jumping C to counter. If you connect → + B into standing C, you can start a combo.

Hache Rotir (↓↘→ + C) lets you resist the opponent's attacks and counter. You will take damage, but Recovery Capacity will fill up quickly, so use Armure Sorbet (→↘↓↙←→ + A) to restore health.[1]

Command List

Name Command
Normal Input Alternative Input
After a series of attacks with Minerva, is able to regenerate Minerva's HP. By pressing D is able to attack the opponent up to three times.
A + B + C + D
HP and the Recovery Capacity is automatically increased.
Pue Vapeur
Pyue Vapūru
During OD, A + B + C + D
Minerva will attack while advancing forwards, and if it connects, will blast the opponent with a series of attacks.
Pic Confit
Pikku Confi
↓↙← + A in midair SP in midair
Minverva chucks Celica for a swooping down attack.
Arc Grillé
Aruku Gurie
↓↘→ + B → + SP
Minerva transforms into cannon-mode, and launches projectiles.
Marteau Flan
Marutu Furan
↓↙← + B ↓ + SP
Minerva will transform her arm, and smash the opponent with an attack that cannot be blocked while crouching. If there is any Recovery Capacity, the properties will be enhanced.
Hache Rotir
Asshu Rotiru
↓↘→ + C SP
Will throw an uppercut alongside Minerva. If there is any Recovery Capacity, the properties will be enhanced.
Lance Quiche
Ransu Kisshu
↓↙← + C
Minerva will transform into flight-form, and lunge at the opponents. If there is any Recovery Capacity, the properties will be enhanced.
Distortion Drive
Armure Sorbet
Arumyūru Sorube
→↘↓↙←→ + A
Tends to Minerva's wounds with healing magic.
Sabre Anglaise
Sāburu Angureizu
→↘↓↙←→ + B
Minerva transforms into cannon-mode, and launches a powerful projectile.
Casque Velouté
Kyasuku Vurūte
→↘↓↙←→ + C ← + SP
Retires Celica high up above to safety, then transforms into striker mode, and charges towards the opponent.
Astral Heat
Atout Rilettes
Atu Rietto
↓↓↓ + A
Celica will treat the opponent's wounds.




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