Gameplay:裂空ムササビの術 BBDW Grimoire

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Flaming Air Attack (Musasabi)
Blazblue Alternative Dark War 3star Grimoire 24.png
Skill IconSkill Description
BBDW Status Drive Up.png
 ⇑ Drive Up: Drive Effectiveness Up
Drive Up 25%
(At MAX)
 ⇑ Drive Up: Drive Effectiveness Up
Drive Up 30%
Name裂空ムササビの術 (Rekkū musasabi no jutsu)
Profile Description (English)

If you want to stay hidden, it's obvious you'd take to the sky! A speck of red among the blue is beautiful to behold, isn't it! ...Hm? Not very hidden for a ninja? I am a hero of justice, therefore, there's no other way!!

Profile Description (Japanese)

忍たるもの、空を飛ぶのもお手の物でござる! 青い空に一点の赤が映える様は美しいでござろう! ……む?忍の癖に忍んでいない? 拙者は正義のヒー口ーゆえ、致し方ないのでござる!!

HP (Min/Max)513/1026
Atk (Min/Max)120/240
Def (Min/Max)216/432
Illustrator こい (koi)
Release Date2021/02/16
(Otherworldly Tales of the Hollownight Train)
CharactersBang Shishigami