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Gameplay:爆炎の魔女 BBDW Grimoire

From BlazBlue Wiki
Fire Empress
Blazblue Alternative Dark War 4Star Grimoire 14.png
Skill IconSkill Description
BBDW Status Distortion Up.png
 ⇑ Distortion Up: Distortion Drive Effectiveness Up
Distortion Up 30%
(At MAX)
 ⇑ Distortion Up: Distortion Drive Effectiveness Up
Distortion Up 35%
Name爆炎の魔女 (Bakuen no Majō)
Profile Description (English)

The fire burns clear and just, passionately and fiercely. Such flames will never overlook evil deeds. In truth, her magic is the real deal, and it's rumored she is close to being inducted into the Ten Sages.

Profile Description (Japanese)

燃える炎は清く正しく、熱く激しく。 その火は悪事を決して見逃さない。 事実、彼女の魔法の実力はかなりのもので、 彼女が十聖へ任命される日も近い、と噂される。

HP (Min/Max)770/1540
Atk (Min/Max)387/774
Def (Min/Max)134/268
Illustrator ヌン (Nun)
Release Date2021/02/16
CharactersKuon Glamred Stroheim