BlazBlue Wiki Gameplay:増幅陣 (ゲインアート) BBDW Grimoire

Gameplay:増幅陣 (ゲインアート) BBDW Grimoire

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増幅陣 (ゲインアート)
Gain Art
Blazblue Alternative Dark War 5star Grimoire 15.png
Skill IconSkill Description
No results Overdrive Generation Up 4
(At MAX) Overdrive Generation Up 5
Name増幅陣 (ゲインアート) (Gein Āto)
Profile Description (English)Clad in flower petals and the scent of roses, as soft as a gentle breeze... yet a single blow riding this wind will be extremely sharp.

―Well now, would you care to dance with me? Then by all means, do not bore me.
Profile Description (Japanese)薔薇の香と花弁を纏い、風のように軽やかに、 しかし風に乗った一撃は、必要以上に鋭い。

―さて、私と踊ってくれるのかしら? だとすれば、精々私を退屈させないことね。
HP (Min/Max)1280/2560
Atk (Min/Max)755/1510
Def (Min/Max)336/672
Illustrator 藤真拓哉 (Fujima Takuya)
Release Date2021/02/16
(Crystallized Azure Gacha)
CharactersGii,Rachel Alucard