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The D (Drive) Button (ドライブ ボタン Doraibu Botan) is the strongest of the three types of normal attacks available. Each character produces a different effect. Explained simply, it allows one to exhibit each character's specialty. Whether using the D button alone, or using various commands + the D button, numerous ways to use it have been prepared.[1]


Heat Gauge

The Heat Gauge (ヒートゲージ Hīto Gāji) is an important and necessary gauge that allows ones to use the powerful specials Distortion Drives, as well as Rapid Cancels, which can be used when an attack hits to forcibly reset into neutral. Beware that when the opponent is hit, they will gain Heat.[1]

Barrier Gauge

When you Barrier, this gauge, the Barrier Gauge (バリアゲージ Baria Gāji), is depleted. When it reaches 0%, you enter the DANGER state, which causes your defensively ability to drop sharply.[1]

Guard Libra

The Guard Libra (ガードライブラ Gādo Raibura) changes when forcing the opponent to guard and when guarding the opponent's attacks. When the gauge is maxed, it will cause a Guard Crush, and for a certain amount of time, the opponent will be forced into a defenseless state.[1]

Special Systems


Press A + B while guarding to bring up a powerful defensive barrier. When using it, the Barrier Gauge will be depleted.[1]


  • While holding the buttons, a stronger-than-normal barrier will be put up.
  • Chip damage (体力の減少ケズリダメージ Kezuri Damēji) won't be received when guarding special attacks with the barrier.
  • Guard Libra will not decrease.
  • Some moves that cannot be blocked in midair can be guarded against.
  • After blocking, it is easy to close the distance to the opponent.
  • The "Barrier Gauge" will be depleted.

Advice: Use the "Barrier" to push the opponent back!

First, try to guard various attacks with the "barrier!" It makes it easy to get away from the opponent, and "guard crush" can be prevented beforehand. Of course, when the "barrier gauge" is completely depleted, the ability to defend becomes greatly reduced in this "DANGER state!" Using barrier separately from other defensive measures and managing the "barrier gauge" well, will determine who is ahead! [2]


Press B + C simultaneously to break through the opponent's guard with a throw. [1]


When being thrown, press B + C to escape the opponent's throw. [1]


Press a direction + A or B or C to wake up quickly, or tech (受身 ukemi), after being hit. [1]

Wake Up

Press a direction (← or ↓ or → or neutral) + A or B or C to wake up (起き上がり okiagari) after a knockdown. [1]


  • Wake up after a knockdown.
  • After a knockdown by the opponent, there will be a period of vulnerability to the opponent's attacks.
  • By turning the lever, one can perform various ways to wake up.
  • When pressing forwards or backwards to wake up, a portion of the time will be unprotected.
  • For certain variants of waking up, the second half can be cancelled by guarding or specials.

Advice: Stop the scramble and draw in the flow of the match!

In this game, the knockdown state is very dangerous to be in! Use various wake-up tactics against the opponent's attacks and the flow of the game to avoid danger! Furthermore, if the opponent misses their attack due to a wake-up, a chance to counterattack may open up! [3]

Counter Assault

When guarding, press A + B + C simultaneously to throw the opponent back.[1]

Rapid Cancel

During an attack, press A + B + C to quickly return to normal.[1]

Barrier Burst

When taking damage, press A + B + C + D simultaneously to throw the opponent back. This can be used only once a round.[1]

Distortion Drive

This is a powerful, special skill unique to each character. It takes 50% of the Heat Gauge to use.[1]

Astral Heat


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