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Tager is a power character with very powerful throws. His command throws deal massive damage and can instantly turn around the outcome of a match.

Tager favours extremly close range combat; however, he has limited mobility because he cannot dash, double jump, aerial dash, or aerial backdash. Thus, he is good for those of you who like to fight your way to get close to opponents, then see a grand pay-off.

His Drive is the "Voltic Battler." D attacks and "Spark Bolt" (on hit or block) will cause your opponent to be "magnetized."

While the opponent is magnetized, the following attacks will pull the opponent towards Tager: D attacks, → + A, "Gigantic Tager Driver," " Atomic Collider," "Genesis Emerald Tager Buster," and "King of Tager."

Holding down the button when performning → + A and certain special attacks wil delay the timing of the attack, allowing more time for you to pull the opponent closer to you. While holding the button down, you will also autoguard some typed of attacks.

Keep in mind that an opponent will only be magnetized for a fixed amount of time. However, hitting an opponent with another magnetized attack while the opponent is already magnetized will reset the lenght of magnetized time.

Tager also has an Electric Gauge on top of his Heat Gauge. When this gauge fills up to full, you can use Tager's special attack called "Spark Bolt." After using "Spark Bolt," the Electric Gauge will be completely depleted.

The Electric Gauge will fill up over time, but Tager can also use a technique called "Voltic Charge" to quickly increase the gauge.[1]

Command List

Name Command
Normal Input Alternative Input
Voltic Battler
Borutekku Batorā
An attack with strong magnetism. When the opponent is struck with magnetized attacks, they will become magnetized. When this happens, certain attacks will pull the opponent towards you.
Gigantic Tager Driver
Gigantikku Teigā Doribā
Turn + A or B (delayable)
A powerful throw. Hold the button down to pull a magnetized opponent in.
Atomic Collider
Atomikku Koredā
→↓↘ + C (delayable)
A powerful anti-air throw. Hold the button down to pull a magnetized opponent in.
Sledge Hammer
Surejji Hanmā
↓↘→ + A or B
A forward charge attack. When the timing is correct, this attack can nullify projectiles.
→ Additional Attack ↓↘→ + A after "Sledge Hammer"
An additional attack that slams the opponent.
Spark Bolt
Supāku Boruto
←↙↓↘→ + D when Electric Gauge is maxed
Throws an electric charge across the screen. When the opponent is struck with this attack, they will become magnetized. Only useable when the Electric Gauge is fully charged.
Voltic Charge
Borutikku Chāji
←↓↙ + B (delayable)
Charges the Electric Gauge. Tager nullifies certain attacks while charging.
Gadget Finger
Gajjetto Fingā
While an opponent is down, ↓↓ + D (delayable)
Force a downed opponent back onto their feet.
Distortion Drive
Magna-Tech Wheel
Maguna Tekku Hoīru
↓↘→↓↘→ + B (uses 50% Heat)
Attack that spins rapidly. This move will pull magnetized opponents in.
→ Tera-break
Tera Bureiku
↓↘→↓↘→ + B (uses 50% Heat) after "Magna-Tech Wheel"
A powerful attack that blasts the opponent backward.
Genesic Emerald Tager Buster
Jenesikku Emerarudo Teigā Basutā
Turn twice + C (delayable) (uses 50% Heat)
A very powerful throw. Hold the button down to pull a magnetized opponent in.
Astral Heat
King of Tager
Kingu Obu Teigā
Turn thrice + D (delayable) (Uses 100% Heat)
A powerful unblockable attack. Hold the button down to pull a magnetized opponent in. Astral Heat: Only usable when, in a match-determining round, the opponent's life is below a certain amount, your Heat gauge is at 100% and you have at least one (1) Burst icon remaining.


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