Gameplay:幻想生物 BBDW Grimoire

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Imaginary Creature
Blazblue Alternative Dark War 5star Grimoire 14.png
Skill IconSkill Description
BBDW Status Regeneration.png
 ☗ Regeneration: Restore Health by a % each turn
Regeneration 10%
(At MAX)
 ☗ Regeneration: Restore Health by a % each turn
Regeneration 12%
Name幻想生物 (Gensō Seibutsu)
Profile Description (English)

Everywhere at once, and yet nowhere at all. From the seat of another world's castle, abyssal eyes stare only at the world before them. For eyes that have lived an eternity, just what can be glimpsed from people's actions...?

Profile Description (Japanese)

何処でもあって、何処でもない場所。 幽世の居城に座し、 深淵なる瞳でただじっとそこに在る世界を眺める。 悠久を生きた瞳は、人の営みに何を見るのか……

HP (Min/Max)3584/7168
Atk (Min/Max)300/600
Def (Min/Max)320/640
Illustrator 米田仁士 (Yoneda Hitoshi)
Release Date2021/02/16
CharactersClavis Alucard