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|extra4=Takahashi Chiaki
|extra4=Takahashi Chiaki
|title5=[[Queen of Rose|Queen of rose ~Shinku no boukansha~]]
|title5=[[Queen of rose|Queen of rose ~Shinku no boukansha~]]
|note5=[[Rachel Alucard]]'s character song
|note5=[[Rachel Alucard]]'s character song
|extra5=Ueda Kana
|extra5=Ueda Kana

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BlazBlue Song Accord #1 with Continuum Shift

BlazBlue Song Accord 1 with Continuum Shift.jpg


Team Entertainment, Inc.

Release Date

JP: January 1, 2010







BlazBlue Song Accord #1 with Continuum Shift is a standalone CD released January 1, 2010 including five character songs and seven background tracks.

Disc 1

1."Continuum Shift" (Continuum Shift opening song)  
2."Reppu" (Bang Shishigami's character song)Koyama Tsuyoshi 
3."Condemnation Wings ~Cry Camellia...~" (Tsubaki Yayoi's character song)Imai Asami 
4."Oriental Flower ~Hana to Nare~" (Litchi Faye-Ling's character song)Takahashi Chiaki 
5."Queen of rose ~Shinku no boukansha~" (Rachel Alucard's character song)Ueda Kana 
6."Gluttony Fang" (Hazama's theme)  
7."Condemnation Wings" (Tsubaki Yayoi's theme)  
8."Nightmare Fiction" (Ragna vs. Hazama theme)  
9."Memory of Tears" (Tsubaki vs. Noel theme)  
10."Endless Despair" (Boss battle theme)  
11."Rubble Song" (Continuum Shift ending song)  
12."Stardust memory ~Yakusoku no basho~" (Music box ver. image song)Kondo Kanako 


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