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See also: Template:FilterByGame.

This template is meant to make it easy to create dropdowns that let the user filter items by a set of tags ("options").


All fields are mandatory.

<tabs plain> <tab name="Field Description">

 | dropdownWrapperID = should be unique, cannot have spaces
 | dropdownName = should be unique and different from dropdownWrapperID, cannot have spaces
 | attributeName = e.g. "game-data"; cannot have spaces; the name of the HTML attribute that specifies which "tags" each element has
 | nameOfElementToFilter = e.g. "filter-element"; cannot have spaces; the HTML class that identifies which elements should be filtered by this dropdown
 | options = {{DropdownFilter/Option|BBCT}}, {{DropdownFilter/Option|BBCS}}
             A list of Template:DropdownFilter/Options, which must be split by commas.
             The last one in the list cannot have a comma after it.
             The options will appear in this order in the dropdown.

</tab> <tab name="Blank Template">

 | dropdownWrapperID = 
 | dropdownName = 
 | attributeName = 
 | nameOfElementToFilter = 
 | options = {{DropdownFilter/Option|BBCT}}, {{DropdownFilter/Option|BBCS}}

</tab> </tabs>

Make sure that dropdownWrapperID and dropdownID are different and unique, or else nothing will happen when options are selected in the dropdown.

Technical Reference

The JSON format for a dropdown looks like this:

  "name":"dropdownName ",
        ["dropdown option 1", "disabled:false if empty"],
        ["BBCT", ""],