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<li>Imagine Webshop, included in the ''BlazBlue: Central Fiction Special Edition Cloth Poster Pack'' (¥5,184)<ref name="Twitter-Wondergoo-BBCFSE"/></li>
|price=¥5,184 (Package)
|size=A1 (59cm x 84cm)
<li>Ebten, Arc Shop as part of the [ ''BlazBlue: Central Fiction'' Official Setting Material Collection ebtenDX Pack] (¥7,776)</li>
|price=¥7,776 (Package)
|details=From Ebten:<br/><blockquote><i>Drawn by Yuuki Kato, the cover illustration of the "BlazBlue: Central Fiction" Original Setting Material Collection made into an A3-size tapestry.</i></blockquote>
|size=A3 (297mm x 420mm)<ref>''Weekly Famitsu, 3/28/2018 issue, p. 154''</ref>
<li>Comiket 93 (Dec 2017), Arc System Works booth (¥3,500)</li><li>Ebten, Arc Shop [ x] (¥3,780)</li><li>Storia Cafe, Guilty Gear x BlazBlue Collaboration Cafe (May 2018) (¥3,500)</li>
|images=[[File:Merchandise Comiket 93 BlazBlue Makoto Nanaya Tapestry Sample.jpg|x180px]]
|release-date=Dec 2017
|JPromaji=Raguna Tapesutorī
|avail=<ul><li>Dengeki Game Festival 2011 (Mar 6) (¥4,000)</li></ul>|price=¥4,000
|images=[[File:Dengeki Game Festival 2011 Ragna Tapestry.png|300x180px]]
|JPname=B2サイズ タペストリー
|JPromaji=B2 Saizu Tapesutori
|avail=<ul><li>Ebten, Arc Shop as part of the [ ''BlazBlue: Variable Heart'' 2 ebtenDX Pack] (¥3,000)</li></ul>|price=¥3,000
==BlazBlue: Alter Memory==
{{Merchandise Item
|link=BBAM Ebten
|title=''BlazBlue: Alter Memory'' Ebten Bonus Tapestry
|avail=<ul><li>Ebten, Arc Shop as a bonus for purchasing the whole set of ''BlazBlue: Alter Memory''</li></ul>
|details=Bonus after purchasing all volumes of ''BlazBlue: Alter Memory'' limited edition. The artwork was first revealed in the magazine ''Weekly Famitsu'' on September 26, 2013.
|size=B2 (515×728mm)
|price=¥47,568 (Package)
|images=[[File:BlazBlue Alter Memory Ebten Bonus Tapestry.jpg|300x180px]]
{{Merchandise Item
|link=BBAM Anime Japan
|title=BlazBlue Alter Memory Anime Japan Tapestry Noel Rachel
|avail=<ul><li>Anime Japan 2014 (Mar 14, 2014)</li></ul>
|images=[[File:BlazBlue Alter Memory Anime Japan Tapestry Noel Rachel.png|300x180px]]
{{Merchandise Item
|link=Bellfine Es Extra

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