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In Battle

Battle Start and End

Situation Line Voice
Intro 1 You shoulda seen this coming!
Intro 2 What's the matter? I ain't got all day.
Intro 3 I'm not not good at this whole "team" thing.
Intro 4 I'll show you the power of the Azure!
Intro 5 What's the matter? I ain't got all day.
Intro 6 Tch, what a pain in the ass.
Intro 7 You should've seen this coming. Dumbass!
Intro with Jin Jin: Brother, let's kill each other!
Ragna: Stop crying you little punk, I'll deal with you later.
Intro with Noel Noel: Wh-What do we do, Ragna? We haven't devised a strategy or anything...
Ragna: Huh? Who cares?
Intro with Rachel Rachel: It’s time for your debut, Ragna. Go work up a sweat for the both of us.
Ragna: Pipe down and get off your high horse already.
Intro with Nu Nu: Who dares to stand in Ragna and Nu’s way? You wanna die?
Ragna: Personally, I'd welcome death right about now.
Intro with Azrael Azrael: Hors d'oeuvres first, then the main dish, right Grim Reaper?
Ragna: ...Sure, if you can make it 'till then, Mad Dog!
Intro with Yu Yu: Izanagi!
Ragna: Heh. Guess that's one idea.
Yu: Let me work with you. I won't be able to do this otherwise.
Ragna: Ugh, do whatever you want. Just don't fall behind.
Yu: Then we're a team. Now...
Ragna & Yu: Let's go!
Intro with Hyde Ragna: Cut straight through and take em’ down. You got a problem with that?
Hyde: Not at all. That’s what I always do.
Intro with Ruby Ruby: Oh!!! Oh, your weapon looks so cool! Oh, can I take a look at it, can I!? Please!?
Ragna: Do that later, just get away!
Intro with Blake Ragna: Sorry, but I’m gonna do what I want.
Blake: Sure. I’m gonna just have to follow along, right?
Outro 1 See what you're dealing with now?
Outro 2 You better stay down... Or you won't get up again.
Outro 3 Close... But I'd never lose to you.
Outro 4
Outro with partner 1 I figured you'd get in my way, but... You're not bad.
Outro with partner 2
Outro with Jin Jin: With those obstacles out of the way, let's go back to killing each other!
Ragna: Tch.
Jin: Brother? Brother!
Outro with Noel
Outro with
Defeat Is this... The end...?


Situation Line Voice
Partner skill call 1 C'mere.
Partner skill call 2 Back me up!
Partner skill call 3 Hey!
Partner skill call 4 Get the led out!
Partner skill call 5 You're up.
Partner skill call 6 Fine then.
Partner skill call with Jin 1 Jin!
Partner skill call with Jin 2 Come on, perv!
Partner skill call with Noel Noel!
Partner skill call with Rachel Rabbit!
Partner skill call with Tager Red Devil!
Partner skill call with Nu-13 Nu!
Partner skill call with Hazama Hazama!
Partner skill call with Makoto Makoto!
Partner skill call with Azrael 1 Azrael!
Partner skill call with Azrael 2 Mad Dog!
Partner skill call with Es Es!
Partner skill call with Yu 1 Yu!
Partner skill call with Yu 2 Over to you!
Partner skill call with Hyde 1 Hyde!
Partner skill call with Hyde 2 Take over!
Partner skill call with Ruby 1 Ruby!
Partner skill call with Ruby 2 Come on...
Throw 1 This'll hurt!
Clash 1 Shut up.
Clash 2 You see this!?
Clash (Connect) 1 You're done... It's over!
Clash (Connect) 2 No holding back... Say goodbye!
Carnage Scissors 1 Carnage... Scissors!
Carnage Scissors 2 Carnage Scissors! I'll devour you!
Devoured by Darkness 1 Let darkness consume you!
Devoured by Darkness 2 It's over! See you!
Black Onslaught I'll show you the power of the Azure!
I'll show you fear!
There's no hell, only the void!
This is the power of the Azure!


Situation Line Voice
Resonance Blaze 1 BlazBlue, activate!
Resonance Blaze 2 Idea Engine, engage!
Duo Change 1 I got this.
Duo Change 2 Jeez!
Throw Escape

Victory Screen

Situation Line Voice
Generic 1 We win. Guess being part of a team's not all bad.
Generic 2 I'm gonna put an end to all this. So you can just stay down.
Generic 3 Alright, who's next? ...Hey, hurry it up or I'll leave you behind.
Generic 4 Tch.. You done wasting my time yet? I've got thing to do, places to be.
Generic 5 This is the power of the Azure... MY power!
Team with Jin Jin: Wait, Brother! I said WAIT! We should be killing each other right now!
Ragna: Damn, you're annoying... Fine Get over here and I'll put you to sleep.
ジン: 待って兄さん!待ってってば!僕と殺し合おうよ!
ラグナ: ったく。マジでしつけぇクソガキだ.....仕方無え寝かし付けてやっからかかってこいよ!
Team with Noel Noel: Nice work, Ragna! Um, I made you a drink, if you’re thirst--
Team with Rachel Rachel: I believe it's time for tea... Ragna, would you start the preparations?
Ragna: Yeah, no. Go drink some river water.
Team with Nu Nu: Hey, Ragna, Nu did her best, right? Tell me I'm a good girl♪
Ragna: Sigh...No matter what I say, she's gonna hear what she wants to hear.
Team with Azrael Azrael: Now, it's time for the main course. You better leave me satisfied, Grim Reaper...!
Ragna: Bring it. You just bit off more than you could chew!
Team with Yu Ragna:Look, I don't give a damn about the "strength of your bonds," but if you keep your eyes forward, I'll watch your back.
Yu: Our worlds may be different, but our bonds are shared... If you fight by my side, Ragna-san, I'll cut us a path!
Team with Hyde Ragna:Go home, kid. From here on out, your life's on the line.
Hyde: Little too late to worry about that. It has been ever since that fateful night...
Team with Ruby Ruby:Whoa, your weapon transforms too, right!? And it looks just like Crescent Rose! Hey, what other tricks can it do!? How much does it weigh? What's it made out of!? Can I hold it? Please? Please?
Ragna: Argh, shut up! Just-- stop talking!