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     | num = 12
     | num = 12
     | rows =
     | rows =
     {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row | You shoulda seen this coming! | }}
     {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row | Who said I needed YOUR help!? | }}
     {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row |  |  }}
     {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row |  |  }}
     {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row | What's the matter? I ain't got all day. | [[File:BBTAG BRG Intro Solo B.ogg]] }}
     {{Quotes (Table MRow)/Row | What's the matter? I ain't got all day. | [[File:BBTAG BRG Intro Solo B.ogg]] }}

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Solo Actions

Situation Line Voice
Smart Combo 1
Eat it!
Smart Combo 2
You asshole!
Out of my way!
Get lost!
Get down!
Shut up.
You see this!?
Clash (Connect)
You're done... It's over!
No holding back... Say goodbye!
Inferno Divider
You're in my way!
Inferno Divider!
→ Axe Kick
Stay down!
Dead Spike
Dead Spike!
Belial Edge
Belial Edge!
Here I go !
Hell's Fang
Go get 'em!
Hell's Fang!
→ Follow-up Attack
Hell's Fang!
Gauntlet Hades
Gauntlet Hades!
Pay attention!
→ Rising Kick
Gauntlet Hades!
Nightmare Edge
Drown in darkness!
Nightmare Edge!
→ Follow-up Attack
EX Dead Spike Follow-up Attack 2
Screw off!
EX Blood Scythe
Blood Scythe!
I'll cut you down!
This'll leave a mark!
Carnage Scissors
Carnage Scissors!
I'll devour you!
Devoured by Darkness
Let darkness consume you! Crumble.
It's over! See ya!
Black Onslaught
I'll show you the power of the Azure!
I'll show you fear!
There's no hell, only the void!
This is the power of the Azure!
Black Onslaught!
Black Zagam!
Nightmare rage!
System Mechanics
Resonance Blaze
BlazBlue, activate!
Idea Engine, engage!
Throw This'll hurt!
Throw Whiff Wha?!
Throw Escape
Not quite!
Nice try!
Reject Guard
Get lost!
Taking Damage
Son of a-
Goddamn it!
Guard Fail (Low) Tricky!
Guard Fail (Overhead) Not good!
Ground Ukemi (Neutral) Annoying.
Aerial Ukemi (Neutral) Hck!
Aerial Ukemi (Forward)
Aerial Ukemi (Backward) Bring it.
Stagger Recovery You little...!
Idle You scared?
Combo (6k Damage) How's that?
Combo (8k Damage) Die!
Combo (10k Damage) Ya dead yet!?
Who said I needed YOUR help!?
What's the matter? I ain't got all day.
I'm not good at this whole "team" thing.
I'll show you the power of the Azure!
Tch, what a pain in the ass.
You should've seen this coming, Dumbass!
See what you're dealing with now?
You better stay down, or you won't get up again.
Close, but I'd never lose to you.
Tch, is that the best you got?
Time Up Outro
That's as far as you go.
You shoulda stayed in bed.
Is this... the end...?
No way...
Time Up Defeat
I don't believe this.
I messed up...

Partner Actions

Situation Line Voice
Partner Swap
Duo Change
I got this.
Partner Skill Change
Don't hurt yourself.
Cross Burst
Move over!
Not so fast.
Partner Defeat
You bastard...!
I can handle this myself!
Distortion Skill Duo (Devoured by Darkness)
Let's keep it going!
Let's finish this!
Cross Combo
This is the end.
Try and keep up.
Assist Calls
Back me up!
Partner with Jin
Come on, perv!
Partner with Noel
Hurry it up.
Partner with Rachel
Come on...
Partner with Tager
Red Devil!
Fine then.
Partner with Hakumen
Masked freak.
You're up.
Partner with Nu-13
Partner with Hazama
Get the lead out!
Partner with Makoto
You're up.
Partner with Platinum
Damn kid!
Go play!
Partner with Izayoi
You're up!
Partner with Azrael
Mad Dog!
You're up.
Partner with Nine
You're up!
Partner with Es
You're up.
Partner with Mai
You're up, boobs!
Partner with Jubei
Let's go, master!
Partner with Yu
Over to you!
Partner with Hyde
Take over!
Partner with Ruby
Come on...


Situation Line Voice
Outro with partner
I figured you'd get in my way, but... you're not bad.
You still gonna tag along? Tch... Whatever.
Jin Kisaragi
Intro Jin: Brother, let's kill each other!
Ragna: Stop crying you little punk, I'll deal with you later.
Outro Jin: With those obstacles out of the way, let's go back to killing each other!
Ragna: Tch.
Jin: Brother? Brother!
Noel Vermillion
Intro Noel: Wh-What do we do, Ragna? We haven't devised a strategy or anything...
Ragna: Huh? Who cares?
Outro Noel: We did it, we won!
Ragna: Jeez, that was close!
Rachel Alucard
Intro Rachel: It's time for your debut, Ragna. Go work up a sweat for the both of us.
Ragna: Pipe down and get off your high horse already.
Outro Rachel: You were sufficient, I suppose... for a mongrel.
Ragna: Yeah, yeah, good for you.
Intro Hakumen: Your destruction at my hands is merely a matter of time.
Ragna: That's my line. You better not stab me in the back.
Outro Hakumen: I cannot ignore the evil that courses through your veins.
Ragna: Give it a rest, the crazy act is getting boring.
Intro Nu: Who dares to stand in Ragna and Nu's way? You wanna die?
Ragna: Personally, I'd welcome death right about now.
Outro Nu: Do you get it now? Nu's the only one allowed to hurt Ragna.
Ragna: Uh, when did I say you're allowed to hurt me?
Platinum the Trinity
Intro Luna: Just stay out of Luna's way, pedo.
Ragna: I'm not a pedophile!
Outro Luna: You're pretty good, for a pedo!
Ragna: I said I'm not a pedophile, dammit!
Intro Azrael: Hors d'oeuvres first, then the main dish, right Grim Reaper?
Ragna: ...Sure, if you can make it 'till then, Mad Dog!
Outro Azrael: Pathetic. I'm not even full.
Ragna: Tch. You're really on the war path.
Celica A. Mercury
Intro Ragna: Here we go again. Stay back, Celica.
Celica: No. Let me protect YOU this time!
Outro Celica: Are you okay? I can heal you if you need to...
Ragna: Leave 'em be. They got what they deserved.
Naoto Kurogane
Intro Naoto: Get ready, cuz you're up next, you white-haired bastard!
Ragna: Yeah. Keep barking, see what happens.
Outro Naoto: There's no afterlife.
Ragna: Only the void.
Intro Terumi: Now heel, little puppy.
Susano'o: This is God's domain.
Ragna: Cram it. I'm on your side, you snakey asshole!
Outro Ragna: This is the power of the Azure!
Susano'o: And the rage of a god.
Intro Jubei: Leavin' my back to you, Ragna.
Ragna: Got it. Don't push yourself too hard, Master.
Outro Jubei: Come on now, you're just as rough around the edges as ever!
Ragna: Who cares? We won, didn't we?
Yu Narukami
Intro Yu: Izanagi!
Ragna: Heh. Guess that's one idea.
Yu: Let me work with you. I won't be able to do this otherwise.
Ragna: Ugh, do whatever you want. Just don't fall behind.
Yu: Then we're a team. Now...
Ragna & Yu: Let's go!
Outro Ragna: Not bad, you got some moves.
Yu: Heh. Right back at ya.
Intro Aegis: I'll have you watch my blind spot.
Ragna: You better not shoot me with that thing.
Outro Aegis: I accept all comers, shadow or not.
Ragna: You've gotta be kidding, we don't need anymore trouble.
Intro Ragna: Cut straight through and take em' down. You got a problem with that?
Hyde: Not at all. That's what I always do.
Outro Hyde: Sorry, but I don't have anymore time to waste on you.
Ragna: Heh. Kid's got some stones.
Intro Orie: May your soul be redeemed under the light of the Licht Kreis.
Ragna: Done with the introduction, eh? Then let's do this!
Outro Orie: A victor has been determined. Anymore fighting would be meaningless.
Ragna: You hear that? Now get lost!
Ruby Rose
Intro Ruby: Oh!!! Oh, your weapon looks so cool! Oh, can I take a look at it, can I!? Please!?
Ragna: Do that later, just get away!
Outro Ruby: Ah, that power! I've just gotta know more about that thing!
Ragna: FYI, I ain't doing it!
Blake Belladonna
Intro Ragna: Sorry, but I'm gonna do what I want.
Blake: Sure. I'm gonna just have to follow along, right?
Outro Ragna: Tch. Nothin' but small fry.
Blake: Says you. You don't know what I had to go through.
Heart Aino
Intro Heart: We'll show you the power of love!
Ragna: Yeah, that's not what I'm working with...
Outro Ragna: Get it now? This is--
Heart: The power of love!
Ragna: Ugh, you freakin...
Intro Yumi: Evil shall not escape me.
Ragna: Is that right? Good luck with that.
Outro Yumi: Such are the wages of sin.
Ragna: That should cool you down a bit.
Intro Ragna: I'm warnin' ya. I don't know how to go easy.
Akatsuki: I'm counting on it. Charge!
Outro Ragna: You heard what I said. I don't go easy.
Akatsuki: A little late for regrets now.
Intro with with Jin, Noel, and Rachel
Intro with with Jin, Noel, and Celica Jin: Don't get in my way. This is between me and my brother.
Ragna: Man punk never learns his lesson.
Celica: Hey, are you two fighting again?! Not on our watch, right Noel?
Noel: That's ri-- Wait, OUR watch?!

Victory Screen

Situation Line Voice
We win. Guess being part of a team's not all bad.
I'm gonna put an end to all this. So you can just stay down.
Alright, who's next? ...Hey, hurry it up or I'll leave you behind.
Tch.. You done wasting my time yet? I've got thing to do, places to be.
This is the power of the Azure... MY power!
Partner with Jin Jin: Wait, Brother! I said WAIT! We should be killing each other right now!
Ragna: Damn, you're annoying... Fine. Get over here and I'll put you to sleep.
ジン: 待って兄さん!待ってってば!僕と殺し合おうよ!
ラグナ: ったく。マジでしつけぇクソガキだ.....仕方無え寝かし付けてやっからかかってこいよ!
Partner with Noel Noel: Nice work, Ragna! Um, I made you a drink, if you're thirst--
ノエル: お疲れ様です、ラグナさん。
ラグナ: 結構です!!!!!!!
Partner with Rachel Rachel: I believe it's time for tea... Ragna, would you start the preparations?
Ragna: Yeah, no. Go drink some river water.
レイチェル: さて、そろそろお茶にしましょうか。ラグナ、用意して頂戴。
ラグナ: やかましい。川の水でも飲んでろ。
Partner with Hakumen Hakumen: You are the very essence of evil, the heart of darkness. Your continued existamce is a blight upon this world.
Ragna: Your speeches are getting old. If you wanna play the hero, then shut up and fight!
Partner with Nu-13 Nu: Hey, Ragna, Nu did her best, right? Tell me I'm a good girl♪
Ragna: Sigh...No matter what I say, she's gonna hear what she wants to hear.
ニュー: ねぇラグナ、ニュー頑張ったよ!褒めて褒めて♪
ラグナ: ったく……敵わねぇな、この聞かん坊にはよ。
Partner with Platinum Sena: Lunaaa... Th-This guy's eyes are scaring me...
Luna: Right? He's TOOOTALLY a creeper.
Ragna: Gimmie a break...
Partner with Azrael Azrael: Now, it's time for the main course. You better leave me satisfied, Grim Reaper...!
Ragna: Bring it. You just bit off more than you could chew!
アズラエル: さぁ、お待ちかねのメインディッシュだ。
ラグナ: 上等だ。嫌ってくらいかましてやらぁ!
Partner with Celica Celica: Hmm, where to go next...? What do you think, Ragna?
Ragna: I don't care. You just need to find some place to hide. Whenever you wonder around, things get messy and-- HOW ARE YOU ALREADY GONE?
Partner with Naoto Naoto: Alright, no more distractions. Let's do this, you son of a bitch.
Ragna: That's my line. Bring it on, punk. I'll show you the difference between you and me.
Partner with Susano'o Susano'o: Human powers are all meaningless in the face of a god. Your precious Azure Grimoire included.
Ragna: Oh yeah? How 'bout I test your little theory? With the power of the Azure...and with my own!
Partner with Jubei Jubei: Alright, sit your behind down right there. Didja forget everything I tought ya? You really call that "fighting"? Fine then, guess we gotta start over from the very beginnin'. Get yerself ready.
Ragna: Urk... Cut me some slack, Master...
Partner with Yu Ragna: Look, I don't give a damn about the "strength of your bonds," but if you keep your eyes forward, I'll watch your back.
Yu: Our worlds may be different, but our bonds are shared... If you fight by my side, Ragna-san, I'll cut us a path!
ラグナ: 絆の力なんざ知ったこっちゃねぇが、テメェは前だけ向いてな。
悠: 世界が違っても『絆』は生まれる……
Partner with Aegis Aegis: I've seen your fighting firsthand now, Ragna-san. Your skills and unpleasant appearance are worthy of your bounty.
Ragna: Heh, you think...? Hey! What do you mean, "unpleasant appearance"!?
Partner with Hyde Ragna: Go home, kid. From here on out, your life's on the line.
Hyde: Little too late to worry about that. It has been ever since that fateful night...
ラグナ: いい加減ガキは帰りな。こっから先は、命懸けだぞ。
ハイド: もう懸けてるよ。あの『夜』から、とっくにな。
Partner with Orie Ragna: It's a mission, it's justice, it's fate... Do you always need some sort of justification to fight? What a drag.
Orie: Power without purpose is nothing but violence. My oath is not a shackle, it's a boon.
Partner with Ruby Ruby: Whoa, your weapon transforms too, right!? And it looks just like Crescent Rose! Hey, what other tricks can it do!? How much does it weigh? What's it made out of!? Can I hold it? Please? Please?
Ragna: Argh, shut up! Just-- stop talking!
ルビー: あー、その子やっぱり変形するんだね!しかもクレセント·ローズとお揃いのフォルム!ねぇねぇ、他にはどんなギミックがあるの?
ラグナ: あぁうっざてぇ!ちったぁ黙れねぇのかテメェは!
Partner with Blake Blake: Geez... You're charging in head first without even thinking. You could at least pay a LITTLE attention to your partner.
Ragna: Sorry, but in a fight, I'd rather not screw around.
Partner with Heart Heart: The power of love is so strong within you! I can feel it!
Ragna: Like I said, the power of the Azure isn't-- Ugh, fine. Let's just go with that.
Partner with Yumi Ragna: So, what do you say? I've got a bounty on my head. You up for a challenge?
Yumi: If you were to use your powers for evil, perhaps... Should it come to that, I would dedicate my entire spirit to your defeat.
Partner with Akatsuki Akatsuki: What immense power... "Grim Reaper" is certainly appropriate.
Ragna: Heh. Says the "Thunder God." You were pretty wild back there too.