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{{Quotes (Table Row)
{{Quotes (Table Row)
     | situation =Partner skill call with Yu 2
     | situation =Partner skill call with Yu 2
     | en =
     | en = ''Over to you!''
     | jp =
     | jp =
     | en_voice =
     | en_voice =

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In Battle

Battle Start and End

Situation Line Voice
Intro 1 You shoulda seen this coming!
Intro 2 What's the matter? I ain't got all day.
Intro 3 I'm not not good at this whole "team" thing.
Intro 4
Intro 5
Intro 6
Intro with Jin Jin: Brother, let's kill each other!
Ragna: Stop crying you little punk, I'll deal with you later.
Intro with Noel
Intro with
Outro 1 See what you're dealing with now?
Outro 2 You better stay down... Or you won't get up again.
Outro 3 Close... But I'd never lose to you.
Outro 4
Outro with partner 1 I figured you'd get in my way, but... You're not bad.
Outro with partner 2
Outro with Jin Jin: With those obstacles out of the way, let's go back to killing each other!
Ragna: Tch.
Jin: Brother? Brother!
Outro with Noel
Outro with
Defeat Is this... The end...?


Situation Line Voice
Partner skill call 1 C'mere.
Partner skill call 2 Back me up!
Partner skill call 3
Partner skill call 4
Partner skill call 5
Partner skill call 6
Partner skill call with Yu 1 Yu!
Partner skill call with Yu 2 Over to you!
Partner skill call with Hyde 1 Hyde!
Partner skill call with Hyde 2
Partner skill call with Ruby 1 Ruby!
Partner skill call with Ruby 2 Come on...
Partner skill call with Jin 1 Jin!
Partner skill call with Jin 2 Come on, perv!
Partner skill call with Noel
Partner skill call with Rachel
Partner skill call with Tager Red Devil!
Partner skill call with Nu-13
Partner skill call with Hazama Hazama!
Partner skill call with Makoto Makoto!
Partner skill call with Azrael 1 Azrael!
Partner skill call with Azrael 2 Mad Dog!
Partner skill call with Es Es!
Throw 1 This'll hurt!
Clash 1 Shut up.
Clash 2 You see this!?
Clash (Connect) 1 You're done... It's over!
Clash (Connect) 2
Carnage Scissors 1 Carnage... Scissors!
Carnage Scissors 2 Carnage Scissors! I'll devour you!
Devoured by Darkness Let darkness consume you!
Black Onslaught


Situation Line Voice
Resonance Blaze 1 BlazBlue, activate!
Resonance Blaze 2 Idea Engine, engage!
Duo Change 1 I got this.
Duo Change 2 Jeez!
Throw Escape

Victory Screen

Situation Line Voice
Generic 1
Generic 2
Generic 3
Generic 4
Generic 5
Team with Jin Jin: Wait, Brother! I said WAIT! We should be killing each other right now!
Ragna: Damn, you're annoying... Fine Get over here and I'll put you to sleep.
ジン: 待って兄さん!待ってってば!僕と殺し合おうよ!
ラグナ: ったく。マジでしつけぇクソガキだ.....仕方無え寝かし付けてやっからかかってこいよ!
Team with
Team with