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Victory Screen

Situation Line Voice
Vs. Ragna Why...? Why are you holding back? Are you mocking me!?
Vs. Jin Major, this is a direct order from HQ. Please return to your post right now.
Vs. Noel A-An imposter!? I guess working under the major has made me a little famous...
Vs. Rachel Who are you? I don't feel like this is the first time that we've met...
Vs. Taokaka U-Um... Please don't mock me! I-I was supposed to be the winner...
Vs. Tager The Red Devil of Sector Seven... I've heard the rumors about you. I see now that they weren't exaggerations.
Vs. Litchi Y-You're cheating! ...In many ways! B-But, I'd like to sit down and talk sometime. Do you think I could touch your... panda? U-Um, that's an order!
Vs. Arakune B-B-Bugs! Noooooo! Please... don't come any closer!
Vs. Bang I guess there are lots of different people in the world. I've never seen anyone like you. You're really enthusiastic. Maybe a little too enthusiastic...
Vs. Carl Carl... these are the rules... You have to understand what your position as a vigilante means...
Vs. Hakumen You're strong... I can't let my guard down around you at all.
Vs. Nu-13 Just... who are you...? Guh... I'm... confused...