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Official merchandise is usually produced and distributed by the game's developer, Arc System Works (ASW), and sometimes its publishers in regions outside of Japan like PQube or Aksys Games. Merchandise is usually sold at a variety of events and tournaments, and sometimes they are also listed on official online shops.

The developer of BlazBlue and XBlaze, Arc System Works, is understandably the most prolific producer and distributor of official merchandise. Unfortunately, merchandise is rarely redistributed across regions, with the exception of some (but not all) items that are included in the limited editions of games.


Official merchandise is usually available at large fighting game tournaments and anime or game conventions that the developers or publishers attend. These include tournaments like EVO Japan and Braver's Revel in Japan, as well as conventions like SakuraFes in North America.

Arc System Works regularly attends Comiket (コミケット Komiketto), the largest dōjinshi fair in Japan, and Tokyo Game Show (TGS), and usually unveils new merchandise for them. Occasionally there are also collaboration cafes, which are collaborations with local cafes to provide themed food or drinks and cafe-exclusive merchandise.

Online Shops

Arc System Works America

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