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Welcome to the Unofficial BlazBlue Wiki! This wiki exists to help gather all information about BlazBlue and XBlaze and compile it in one compact location.

We use the official localization and have explicit permission from translators and dataminers to use their information. Most of the images you will see in this wiki have been ripped by our own users, including those for XBlaze. We really hope you can stay with us and make this a great place for the community to thrive; feel free to apply for an account and contribute. We also have a Discord to help coordinate our edits. If you have an account, please join!

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software. If you are having trouble setting up your account or if you have not received a confirmation email, you may ask for help in our Discord.

Birthdays This Month

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  • BlazBlue Susano'o Birthday 02.png
    2018. And from a company designer, we have an illustration of Susano'o! It's a drawing of Susano'o messily eating cake! The mouth on his shoulder is also eating!? Everyone, please celebrate with us! (Chao, 03:33 "add Category:Translations, other versions")
    BlazBlue Susano'o Birthday 01.jpg
    2018. Today is Susano'o's birthday! Susano'o is Terumi's form when he is possessing the Susano'o Unit! After being freed from the Master Unit: Amaterasu, the tyrant aims to destroy the world in his pursuit of true freedom. (Chao, 03:32 "add Category:Translations")
    BlazBlue Bullet Birthday 04.jpg
    2018. Today is Bullet's birthday! Bullet first appeared in BBCP. She's a female mercenary who fights to uncover the truth behind the annihilation of the mercenary squad she once belonged to, While fighting, she realized that Sector Seven's Tager used to be the captain of that squad. (Chao, 04:59 "add Category:Translations")
    BlazBlue Bullet Birthday 05.jpg
    2018. And from our company's designer we have an illustration of Bullet! A heatwave seems to be a tough battle even for Bullet.... Everyone, please watch out for heatstroke! (Chao, 04:59 "add other versions")
    BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Original Soundtrack Cover.png
    BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Original Soundtrack (Chao, 05:07 "add User Scans category")
    BlazBlue Litchi Faye-Ling Birthday 10.jpg
    2018. From a designer we have a celebratory illustration for Litchi! For Litchi's birthday, even Taokaka has come running! May everyone's wishes come true! (Chao, 18:34 "add Category:Translations, other versions")
    BlazBlue Litchi Faye-Ling Birthday 09.jpg
    2018. Today is Litchi Faye-Ling's birthday! Litchi, formerly a researcher for Sector Seven, is a kind-hearted woman busy trying to save her colleague who was transformed into something else, "Arakune." And today is Tanabata! May Litchi's wish someday be granted.... (Chao, 18:33 "add Category:Translations, other versions")
    XBlaze Sechs Birthday 01.jpg
    2018. Today is Sechs' birthday! In XBlaze, Sechs stood in Touya's way in order to reach his own goals. Without embarrassing the name of the Ten Sages, he is a gifted magician in possession of great magic, able to control gravitational magic that no one else can control! (Chao, 18:32 "add Category:Translations")
    BlazBlue Relius Clover Birthday 05.jpg
    2018. And from a designer we have a celebratory illustration for Relius! It’s an illustration of Relius with a cute Ignis! Everyone, please celebrate with us! (Chao, 18:30 "add Category:Translations, other versions")
    BlazBlue Relius Clover Birthday 04.jpg
    2018. Today is Relius Clover’s birthday! An alchemist known as the ‘Mad Puppeteer,’ he first appeared in BBCS2. His Astral Heat, wherein he observes the characters that he traps, is something to behold! (Chao, 18:29 "add Category:Translations, other versions")