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Welcome to the Unofficial BlazBlue Wiki! This wiki exists to help gather all information about BlazBlue and XBlaze and compile it in one compact location.

We use the official localization and have explicit permission from translators and dataminers to use their information. Most of the images you will see in this wiki have been ripped by our own users, including those for XBlaze. We really hope you can stay with us and make this a great place for the community to thrive; feel free to apply for an account and contribute. We also have a Discord to help coordinate our edits. If you have an account, please join!

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software. If you are having trouble setting up your account or if you have not received a confirmation email, you may ask for help in our Discord.

Birthdays This Month

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  • BlazBlue Hibiki Kohaku Birthday 02.jpg
    2018. And from designers of the company we have illustrations for Hibiki! There's no escape for targets of his sharp gaze. Please celebrate Hibiki's birthday with us! (Chao, 05:55)
    BlazBlue Hibiki Kohaku Birthday 03.jpg
    2018 (Chao, 03:39 "add other versions")
    BlazBlue Hibiki Kohaku Birthday 01.jpg
    2018. Today is Hibiki Kohaku's birthday! Hibiki is Kagura's secretary as well as an exemplary aide. His cooking is something to behold, and currently Ikebukuro STORIA's collab cafe menu also only boasts gourmet dishes! Please come visit! (Chao, 03:38 "add Category:Translations, other versions")
    XBlaze Code Embryo Twitter Icon Pixel Acht.png
    (Chao, 05:12 "add link to source")
    BlazBlue Rachel Alucard Birthday 09.jpg
    2018. There's still another illustration of Rachel! Together with a Halloweeny Gii and Nago, Rachel is enjoying tea! Celebrate Rachel's birthday with us! (Chao, 03:51 "add Category:Translations, other versions")
    BlazBlue Rachel Alucard Birthday 08.jpg
    2018. And from a designer we have an illustration of Rachel! It's Rachel, surrounded by flowers that bring to mind the Alucard castle! (Chao, 03:50 "add Category:Translations, other versions")
    BlazBlue Rachel Alucard Birthday 07.jpg
    2018. Today is Rachel Alucard's birthday! Rachel is the head of the Alucard vampire clan, as well as the Onlooker of Ragna's world. After the world exited its loop, she began taking actions to defeat her bitter foe, Terumi. (Chao, 03:50 "add Category:Translations, other versions")
    BlazBlue Cafe Higuchi and Ozawa Staff Extra.jpg
    "Storia Ikebukuro Collab Cafe
    I ate a lot and had a lot of fun!! Es seems very happy that there's pudding on the menu.
    Arc System Works Designer Konomi Higuchi

    One month left until 10 years for the BlazBlue series. It'd be nice to visit as a sort of pre-celebration! Come by and have fun!
    Arc System Works Victorious Ozawa
    Riku Ozawa"
    Konomi Higuchi and Riku Ozawa. Currently Storia cafe is running a collaboration cafe for BlazBlue's 10th anniversary, which we have received a note from! It includes a message and illustrations from the company staff. Those visiting the store, feel free to leave a note in commemoration! (Chao, 17:05 "fix typo")
    Blue Radio R2 19.png
    (Chao, 22:33 "add BBRadio source")
    Blue Radio R2 18.png
    (Chao, 22:32 "add BBRadio source")