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  {{Quotes (Table Row)
  {{Quotes (Table Row)
     | situation =Intro 5
     | situation =Intro 5
     | en =
     | en = ''This is getting annoying... Can you take it from here?''
     | jp =
     | jp =
     | en_voice =
     | en_voice =

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In Battle

Battle Start and End

Situation Line Voice
Intro 1 I get the feeling I'm an unwanted guest.
Intro 2 Ooh, so scary! You sure I can't run away?
Intro 3 I'd rather not fight if I don't have to. The less work the better.
Intro 4 Um... I'm sorry, who're you again?
Intro 5 This is getting annoying... Can you take it from here?
Intro 6
Intro with Azrael Azrael: Just don’t get in the way of my meal, library.
Hazama: Oh, please… I have no interest in your beastly affairs.
Intro with Nu-13 Nu: Ragna… Ragna… Nu’s right here.
Hazama: Urgh, this again? One of the hazards of working with a toy, I guess.
Intro with Platinum Trinity: Kazuma... I’m so sorry.
Hazama: I think I’m hearing things. How scary!
Intro with Yosuke Yosuke: Alright! We'll take you on!

Hazama: You can do it! I'm rooting for you.

Yosuke: Just leave it t- Hey! Don't make me do all the work!
Intro with Gordeau Gordeau: My harvests are a little special. I can’t guarantee you won’t get involved.
Hazama: Don’t worry. I specialize in quick escapes.
Intro with Blake Hazama: Let’s see… Which of us should go first…?
Blake: I’m not turning my back to you.
Outro 1 Urgh, you're really weak. I normally wouldn't say that, but it's not like you can beat me up over it.
Outro 2 Sorry, but would you mind taking this fight a little more seriously?
Outro 3 My oh my. Done already?
Outro 4
Outro with partner 1 My eyes haven't deceived me after all! You're really on my side! Thank goodness.
Outro with partner 2
Outro with Azrael Azrael: Pah. No texture whatsoever.
Hazama: Oh my, what a mess! You have no manners!
Outro with Nu-13 Nu: No, this-this is not Ragna.
Hazama: That’s right… That thing over there is nothing but garbage.
Outro with Platinum
Outro with Yosuke Yosuke: Sorry, we just don’t have any weaknesses!

Hazama: Keep up the good work!

Yosuke: You should start!
Outro with Gordeau Hazama: What a harvest! You’re a greedy one.
Gordeau: Of course. I carry the name Greed on my shoulders.
Outro with Blake


Situation Line Voice
Partner skill 1 I'm counting on you!
Partner skill 2 It's all you!
Partner skill 3 If you please.
Partner skill 4
Partner skill with Ragna Get the lead out, Raggy!
Partner skill with Jin Major Kisaragi!
Partner skill with Noel Lieutenant!
Partner skill with Rachel
Partner skill with Tager
Partner skill with Nu-13 Time to shine!
Partner skill with Makoto Lieutenant Nanaya!
Partner skill with Azrael Go, Mad Dog!
Partner skill with Es Es!


Situation Line Voice
Idle 1
Resonance Blaze 1 Don't break too easily!
Resonance Blaze 2 I suppose I can get serious.
Duo Change 1 If I must, I must.
Duo Change 2 Shall I?

Victory Screen

Situation Line Voice
Generic 1 How about that? I'm pretty tough, right? ...Well, I didn't exactly do much. I'm more crew and less cast, if you know what I mean.
Generic 2 Oh my, that was amazing! Keep it up so I can kick back.
Generic 3 Hey, hey, hey! You're gonna stain my suit!...Wait, you're done already?
Generic 4 Well now... It didn't seem like you needed my help at all. In fact, why don't we have you handle things from now on? I have other matters to attend to.
Generic 5 Wooowww, you ARE strong! Fighting's not really my thing, so I'm actually pretty jealous. No, really!
Team with Azrael Azrael: Eating a bunch of small fry ain't gonna fill me up. Guess I gotta go after a bigger fish.
Hazama: Whoa now, you'll spoil your appetite!
Team with Nu-13 Nu: Raaaagnaaaaa… Where are you, Ragna? Nu wants Ragna…
Hazama: Oh, just can it already, would you? I’d rather not have to scrap such a big piece of garbage.
Team with Platinum
Team with Yosuke Hazama: Ohoho, now you’re a breath of fresh air. I can’t wait to toy with-- I mean, play with you…
Yosuke: T-Toy with me…? L-Look, just because I helped you this time doesn’t mean you’re gonna fool me again! I’m serious!
Team with Gordeau Gordeau: Look, isn’t it about time you drop the act? My instincts are telling me that you are RIPE for harvesting…
Hazama: Oh my, you are a curious one. But you do know there’s no point in harvesting crops that have already rotten, don’t you?
Team with Blake