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Gameplay:Nine (PS) BBDW

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Nine (PS)

BBDW Double Skill Up Placeholder.pngBBDW Element Fire.pngRear Attacker
ナイン (PS)
Nine (PS)
    Profile Description
    Illustrator 加藤勇樹 (KATO Yuuki)
    Voice Actor 田中 理恵 (TANAKA Rie)
    Release Date
    (Contentious Wayfare ~Twilight★Symphony~)
    ElementCostPosition and Role
    fire12Rear Attacker
    Base StatsAt base rarity () and level 1 unless noted otherwise


    Command R Command D Command S Command DD Command AH
    Command Spread
    ?% ?% ?%
    Hit Count
    Overdrive Gauge Gain:
    6% (before bonuses)
    Drive Gauge Gain:
    15% (before bonuses)

    Additional Effects

    Modifies Name Target Details
    Command S

    Command DD Binding Flame Armandii
    Bakuen Arumandi
     ⇑ Distortion Up: Distortion Drive Effectiveness Up
    Distortion Up 30% for 1 turn
    Unlocks at SS rarity.
    Command AH Raid of Endless Crimson -Crimson Raider-
    果てなき真紅の襲撃 -クリムゾンレイダー-
    Hatenaki Shinku no Shūgeki "Kurimuzon Reidā"
    AOE Chance to inflict
     ⇓ Burn: Damage per Turn
    Burn for 3 turns and
     ⇓ Bound: Unable to act. Cannot receive buffing effects
    Bound for 1 turn to all enemies.
    Unlocks at SS+ rarity.


    Blazblue Alternative Dark War Buff Debuff Skill.png Crimson Lotus Pyrope 紅蓮パイロープ
    Kouren Pairopu
    Cooldown: Inflict
     ⇓ Burn: Damage per Turn
    Burn on a single enemy for 2 turns, Gain
     ⇑ ATK Up: Increase Atk Value by %
    ATK Up 24% for 2 turns.
    Skill Level 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
    Blazblue Alternative Dark War Boost2 Skill.png Flame-wreathed Rubellite 纏炎ルベライ卜
    Ten'en Ruberaito
    Cooldown: Gain
     ⇑ Drive Up: Drive Effectiveness Up
    Drive Up 9% for 1 turn and
     ☗ Chamber Conversion:D: Change currently chambered attack to Drive
    Chamber Conversion:D
    Unlocks at SS++ rarity.
    Skill Level 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th