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Command List

Name Command
Normal Input Alternative Input
UroborosuGerman: Ouroboros
French: Ouroboros
Spanish: Ouroboros
Italian: Ouroboros
Throws a chain out at different angles.
Venom Sword
JyabakiGerman: Giftschwert
French: Épée venimeuse
Spanish: Espada venenosa
Italian: Spada velenosa
↓↘→ + D → + S
Unleash a dark aura in front of the character.
Serpent's Benediction
JyasetsuGerman: Schlangensegen
French: Bénédiction du serpent
Spanish: Bendeción de la Serpiente
Italian: Benedizione del serpente
↓↙← + D S
Position the character to unleash a variety of attacks.
→ Falling Fang
RessengaGerman: → Fallzahn
French: → Croc tombant
Spanish: → Colmillo descendente
Italian: → Zanne calanti
A after "Serpent's Benediction" N after "Serpent's Benediction"
A lunging attack. Cannot be blocked crouching.
→ Rising Fang
GashōkyakuGerman: → Steilzahn
French: → Croc levé
Spanish: → Colmillo ascendente
Italian: → Zanne crescenti
B after "Serpent's Benediction" H after "Serpent's Benediction"
An anti-air kick.
→ Devouring Fang
ZaneigaGerman: → Reißzahn
French: → Croc dévorant
Spanish: → Colmillo devorador
Italian: → Zanne divoranti
C after "Serpent's Benediction" S after "Serpent's Benediction"
A low swiping attack with knives
→ Serpent's Haste
Kamae ChūdanGerman: → Schlangenhast
French: → Hâte du serpent
Spanish: → Precipitación de la serpiente
Italian: → Serpente fulmineo
D after "Serpent's Benediction"
Rest's the character's stance
Wind Serpent's Fang
HirentotsuGerman: Wind Schlangenzahn
French: Croc du serpent du vent
Spanish: Colmillo de la Serpiente de Viento
Italian: Zanne del serpente del vento
↓↙← + B in midair S in midair (except ↓ + S)
An axe kick from midair.
Hungry Coils
JyakōGerman: Hungrige Spiralen
French: Anneaux affamés
Spanish: Espirales hambrientes
Italian: Spire fameliche
→↓↘ + D ↓ + S
Throws Ouroboros at a 45 degree angle.
Bloody Fangs
GasaishōGerman: Blutige Zähne
French: Crocs sanglants
Spanish: Colmillos sangrientos
Italian: Zanne sanguinanti
↓↘→ + C
A command throw that temporarily stuns your opponent.
Distortion Drive
Serpent's Infernal Rapture (uses 50% Heat)
Jyayoku HōtenjinGerman: Höllischer Schlangenrausch
French: Extase infernale du serpent
Spanish: Rapto infernal de la Serpiente
Italian: Estasi infernale del serpente
↓↘→↓↘→ + B Hold N (uses 50%)
A powerful kick that sends your opponent flying.
Eternal Coils of the Dragon Serpent (uses 50% Heat)
Mizuchi RekkazanGerman: Ewige Spiralen der Drachenschlange
French: Anneux éternels du serpent dragon
Spanish: Espirales eternas de la serpiente dragón
Italian: Spire eterne del drago-serpente
→↘↓↙ ←→ + C Hold H (50%)
Violently slash your opponent after binding them.
Astral Heat
Hungry Darkness of 1000 Souls (uses 100% Heat)
Senkon MeirakuGerman: Hungrige Dunkelheit von 1000 Seelen
French: Obscurite affamée de 1000 âmes
Spanish: Oscuridad hambrienta de las mil almas
Italian: Oscurità famelica delle 1000 anime
↙ →↘↓↙ ←↘ + D Hold N + H (uses 100%)
Summons endless upwards chains to attack your opponent.