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Spectacles of Eros
Blazblue Alternative Dark War 4star Grimoire 26.png
Skill IconSkill Description
BBDW Status Damage Reduction.png
 ☗ Hate Value Down: Decrease chance of being targeted by an amount
Hate Value Down 150,
 ⇑ Damage Reduction: Reduce Damage taken by value
Damage Reduction 5%
Nameモテメガネ (Motemegane)
Profile Description (English)Just by donning these wondrous glasses, you can become super lovey lovey and extremely irresistible.

Built with artificial Love Power, anyone lacking love won't be able to remove them.

When the glasses do come off, the wearer will come to completely understand love. Truly.
Profile Description (Japanese)装着するだけでラブラブモテモテになれる不思議なメガネ。

ラブ鷹力カ`人エ的に内蔵されており、 一度身に付けると ラブ無き者には外す二とのできないラブ仕様。

このメガネカ灌外れる時、 真のラブを理解できている。 はず。
HP (Min/Max)1558/
Atk (Min/Max)141/
Def (Min/Max)243/
Illustrator かんくろう (Kankurou)
Release Date2021/04/01
(Wondrous Glasses and A Test of Love ~Spectacles of Eros CARNAGE~)
CharactersRachel Alucard