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Binding an Account

  1. From the menu, click the data transfer button (blue button to the left of the orange EXIT button).
  2. Select the left button on the popup confirmation screen to generate a bind code and bind your account. Use the right button to recover an account from a bind code.
  3. When binding the account, the next screen is for generating a 6-14 long alphanumeric password. Enter it twice to confirm. Continue with the orange button on the right, and cancel with the blue button on the left.
  4. A one-time bind code will be generated for the password. Save these two for account recovery.


Daily Missions

Daily mission does not change. Rolling in the friend point gacha counts for the daily mission, as does using gacha tickets.

Daily Missions
Clear 3 Quests

Clear 5 Quests

Clear 10 Quests

Roll in a gacha 1 time
Upgrade a character 1 time

Acquire 3 Grimoires

Buy 1 item from the shop

Clear all other daily missions


Panel Missions

Panel 1
Finish the tutorial gacha

Obtain a character

Strengthen a character

Install an Orb

Obtain 5 Grimoires

Clear a Story Quest

Change your profile message

Clear a Story Chapter

Use an Active Skill

Panel 2
Get a character to Grade 2 (Fill 6 orbs)

Ascend a character to S

Awaken a 1* Grimoire once

Clear a Character Quest

Reach player level 5

Login for 2 days

Upgrade an Active Skill

Buy 1 item from the shop

Clear Story Arc 1


Normal Missions

These are one-time missions that can be cleared for rewards. Unlike daily missions, these do not reset.

Normal Missions
Mission Clear Reward
Clear the tutorial x100
Reach player level 2, 3, 4...9, 11...19, etc. x10
Reach player level 10, 20, 30... x50
Obtain 5, 10, 15, 20... characters x50
Ascend 1, 5... characters to S x1000
Ascend 1, 5... characters to SS x2000
Ascend 1, 5... characters to SS+ Pieces Power x3000
Ascend 1, 5... characters to SS++ x4000
Ascend 1, 5... characters to SS+++ x5000
Get 1, 5... characters to grade 2 x10
Get 1, 5... characters to grade 3 x20
Get 1, 5... characters to grade 4 x30
Get 1, 5... characters to grade 5 x50
Get 1, 5... characters to grade 6 x60
Strengthen an active skill 1, 5, 10... times x20
Awaken a 3* grimoire 1, 2... times x20
Awaken a 4* grimoire 1 time x30
Awaken a 5* grimoire 1 time x50
Change your profile message x20
Log in 2, 30... days in a row x50
Clear the Prologue of the story
Clear the Prologue, Chapter 1, 2... of the story x100
Clear Prologue Part 3 of the story
Clear Prologue Part 4 of the story
Clear Prologue Part 5 of the story
Clear Prologue Part 6 of the story


Game Currency Shop

The P$ Shop (P$ ショップ) or Game Currency Shop refreshes 3 times a day, every 8 hours.

Item Purchase Limit P$ Cost
EXP Crystal (L) x1 1 50,000
EXP Crystal (M) x1 2 5,000
EXP Crystal (S) x1 3 500
Skip Ticket x1 1 5,000

It also sells a total of 6 random orbs in a mix of R1 orbs, R2 orbs, and orb fragments. R1 orbs can be purchased for 4k each, R2 orbs for 5k, and orb fragments for 6k.

Exchange of Pieces

Like the P$ shop, the Pieces Shop (欠片ショップ) or Exchange of Pieces also refreshes 3 times a day every 8 hours at 4am JST, 12pm JST, and 8pm JST.

The exchange will stock with character pieces for a random set of 24 characters available from the Crystallized Azure gacha, regardless of whether the player has obtained that character yet or not. Each character stocked in the exchange will have 5 character pieces for sale for a bulk price of 300

, that can be purchased once per refresh.

Exchange of Grimoire

The Seithr Shop (魔素ショップ Maso Shoppu) or Exchange of Grimoire restocks every X days (every week?).

Item Purchase Limit Seithr
5-star Guaranteed Gacha Ticketx1 1 50,000
S and Above Guaranteed Gacha Ticketx1 1 50,000
5* Awakening Grimoirex1 1 45,000
4* Awakeningx1 1 20,000
4* up grim ticketx1 2 12,500
3* up grim ticketx1 3 10,000
Crystallized Azure Gacha Ticket x1 1 2,000
Skip Ticket x1 10 500
EXP Crystal (L) x1 2 500
EXP Crystal (M) x1 4 80
EXP Crystal (S) x1 10 10
P$ x50,000 2 500
P$ x10,000 no limit 150

The Paid Currency Shop has two tabs, Normal (普通 futsuu) and Pack (パック Pakku). Crystallized Azure can be purchased directly from the Normal tab, while bonus packages can be purchased from the Pack tab.


To be added...


Package Price Rewarded at time of purchase Rewarded daily Total
BBDWリリース記念パック(30 days)

BBDW Release Commemoration Pack (30 days)

1480 JPY
  • 4-starand above grimoire gacha ticket x1
  • gacha ticket x10
  • Seithr x10,000
  • EXP Crystal (L) x10
(30 days)
  • Crystallized Azure Gacha Ticket x1
  • Skip Ticket x5
  • Character Quest Refresh Key x3
  • 4* and above grimoire gacha ticket x1
  • gacha ticket x10
  • Seithr x10,000
  • EXP Crystal (L) x10

  • Crystallized Azure Gacha Ticket x30
  • Skip Ticket x150
  • Character Quest Refresh Key x90
育成応援パック(30 days)

Growth Pack (30 days)

  • (Paid) Crystallized Azure x200
  • Skip Ticket x100
(30 days)
  • (Free) Crystallized Azure x40
  • Daily Quest Bonus Runs +3
  • Character Quest Refresh Key x3
蒼の結晶パック(7 days)

Crystallized Azure Pack (7 days)

  • (Paid) Crystallized Azure x300
(7 days)
  • (Free) Crystallized Azure x100
  • 1,000 Crystallized Azure

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the game?

Android users: You can acquire the game through qooapp or apkpure.
IOS users: You need to have a Japanese apple store account, and then you can download and install as usual.

How do I reroll?

In the first gacha roll after the tutorial, click the YELLOW button (on the right) to reroll, and the BLUE button (on the left) to keep your roll. You can reroll this initial roll endlessly. You can get one SS-Class character, either Zwei or Jin, and any number of S-class and 3-4 star grimoires.

If you have a rooted android device or emulator Using a file manager, navigate to /data/data/com.arcsystemworks.bbdw Then delete the file: com.acrsystemworks.bbdw.v2.playerprefs.xml This deletes your account without deleting app data

Otherwise, uninstall and reinstall game. Tutorial can be skipped, rerolling is fairly painless, and you are limited only by your download speed.

What is a good starting roll?

SS of choice (either Jin or Zwei), 1-2 S-Class characters, the rest is up to you!
See this page for the available pool of characters.
Check this Japanese-language writeup for an idea of suggested units and rolls.

Now that I've gotten my characters, what should I do?

Clearing the panel mission and the daily missions is a great way to start out with the game. It nets you some rewards and eases you into a lot of the gameplay systems and parts of the menu. Afterwards, progressing the main story, doing daily quests, or character quests is a good idea.

When is daily reset?

Daily Missions reset at Midnight JST, while the shops reset at 4am JST, 12pm JST, and 8pm JST.

What are the game’s rarities?

You can only summon AII, AI, S, or SS rare characters. You can upgrade any character all the way up to SS+++ AII rarity characters so far are only found in the Friend Point Gacha.

What is Sparking?

Each roll of a gacha banner rewards you one medal specific to that banner. For example, in the Crystallized Azure Gacha, each roll awards an Embodiment Coin.

After acquiring 300 medals (doing 300 rolls) from that specific banner, it is possible to pick one of the banner targets and exchange medals for them. In-game, the exchange can be made from the blue "具現欠晶交換/Exchange Embodiment Coins" (or other medal name) button in the top right of the gacha banner.

300 rolls requires 60000 , which is roughly 800 USD in-game value. The term "sparking" comes from a similar mechanic in the game Granblue Fantasy.

What to do with gacha tickets?

They don't contribute to your spark totals, so feel free to throw them at the banner of your choice guilt-free. They also count for the purposes of clearing the daily mission "Roll the gacha 1 time" Different gacha tickets pull from different banners, and thus the pool of characters available differs between tickets. Each ticket is labeled with the pool it is connected to.

How do I raise the level cap?

Level cap is tied to your account level. Keep playing the game, and your characters can be raised higher.
Good sources of exp are the daily quests and the hard missions.

Can I play with my account on another device?

Unfortunately, every time you want to switch your account to another device you will need to use your transfer code to change devices. You will need to generate a new bind code every time.

What are some machine translation options?


  • Kaku is a Japanese OCR program that can pull text from the screen and can let you look up individual kanji as you read. This option requires knowledge of Japanese grammar, as it is not a full translation program.

These applications can read and translate text from screenshots.

  • Yandex OCR also has the above features, but requires the upload of screenshots to a website.
  • Capture2Text is a lightweight OCR program that rips raw text to a floating clipboard, which can be sent to your translation service of choice.

Plaintext Translation Services: