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BlazBlue: Clone Phantasma (ぶれいぶるー くろーんふぁんたずま) is an action game developed by Arc System Works for the Nintendo 3DS.




Story Mode - Play through each characters story to unravel the mystery of the clones!
Challenge Mode - Fight an endless stream of enemies to achieve a new high score.
Gallery - View ending illustrations, awards, and credits.
Options - Adjust BGM, voices, SFX, and surround sound.

Playable Characters

Ragna the Bloodedge - The most wanted man in history, and owner of the BlazBlue.
Jin Kisaragi - NOL major, ever on the trail of his elder brother Ragna.
Noel Vermillion - The heroine, who was recued from Hazama by Ragna
Taokaka - Kaka clan girl who traveled with Ragna. Good at dash attacks.
Rachel Alucard - Head of the Alucard vampire family. Joined by her familiars Nago and Gii.
Bang Shishigami - Ninja-Vigilante Bang Shishigami, defender of love and justice.
Hazama - NOL Intel Dept. Captain. Creator of the Azure Grimoire.
Makoto Nanaya - NOL Intel Officer. Agile squirrel Beastkin, best at close combat.
Platinum the Trinity - Girl possessed by the souls of head-strong Luna and gentle Sena.
Izayoi - Tsubaki's true form, after awakening the Zero-Type Izayoi.