Azure Shrine Maiden

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The Azure Shrine Maiden was the first shrine maiden of the Amanohokosaka clan spoken about in XBlaze Code: Embryo.


The Azure Shrine Maiden lived in the time before recorded history. She was the first Amanohokosaka Shrine Maiden that had the duty of guarding the Gate of Sheol in Wadatsumi. She had the unique power to communicate with The Azure and gained incredible knowledge from contacting it. One time she touched the Gate while speaking to the Azure, which caused the Gate to open and the Black Beast to emerge from the Boundary. In order to stop it from destroying the world the Azure Shrine Maiden lured the Black Beast back into the Boundary and sealed the gate, trapping both of them inside.

TIPS Entry

The original shrine maiden of the Amanohokosaka clan. It is believed that she somehow stopped the manifestation of absolute destruction that emerged from the depths of Hades and threatened the existence of the world. It was only through the knowledge she obtained by making contact with the Azure that she was able to stop the Black Beast from rising. [1]

Azure Shrine Maiden

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